All you Ebay pro's out there i gotta ????

  1. SO I have never used eBay before and dont have an account of anything, but i do frequent the site "stalking" bags :shame:, and i notice that some say on their auctions that they only want certain types of buyers, does this mean that if I am a new user some people will not deal with me? Will it be more difficult for me to purchase items? TIA
  2. depends on what exactly the auction says.
    I see some that say very clearly if you have less than 10 feedback, don't bid. Others sat to contact them before bidding if you have no feedback.
    If they say this and you bid, it's likely your bid will be cancelled and they'll block you.
  3. It's nothing personal, it's just that 0 feedback buyers tend to scare some sellers. When people have no feedback and have not yet completed a transaction on eBay, it's not unreasonable for a seller to think that this person doesn't understand the rules of the game--such as 1) your bid is a contract, 2) you kind of have to PAY for the item, 3) you have to pay via the methods specified, and 4) you have to pay in the timeframe given by the seller. In addition, some people new to eBay don't quite understand that even if they bid on and win three of the same item: they have to pay for all three of them!

    All too often sellers get burned by 0 feedback or low feedback buyers who just disappear and never communicate or pay. I myself am waiting on $500 from a nonpaying bidder right now, 11 days after the auction ended--guess what? She has less than 10 feedback. :rolleyes: That wastes a lot of time (and money) for the seller, and it's just not OK.

    So, basically, if you're interested in buying something--especially a handbag, which is probably the category on eBay that has the highest fraud percentage--do your homework on the seller, but also make it easy for the seller to trust you. Communicate with her before placing your bid, introduce yourself, and reassure her that if you are in fact the winning bidder, you have every intention of holding up your end of the bargain.
    I know as a seller that I would welcome that bidder any day of the week!