All You DC/No VA Hermes fans

  1. Hi Everyone:
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun meeting everyone! The store is really festive this time of year.
    Sorry I couldnt make it from Georgetown, too busy this time of year for law firms.
    Would love to see anyone that can show up on Thursday, December 20th and watch the new rtw video with you.
    Hope Hummingbird can make it and maybe bring your littler Wiener dog, just like they do in the real "Wien"
  2. susanvon I'm sorry I missed this post. Do you have the new SS2008 video?
  3. Hibprimuslevy:
    Sorry not to respond before but I had to buy my graphite Lindy yeserday!
    I was at Hermes Fairfax Square last night (the "fake" Vienna) and was told that the dvds of Spring Summer will be in after Christmas. They always send me one, so I thought that I would arrange a get together here at my office in Georgetown-Washington Harbour sometime in dreary January when everyone is feeling down and depressed due to the weather here in DC, etc. I will make it festive with a Spring motif since the new colleciton will feature bright colors from India, etc.
    Of course, everyone on the blog from the DC area is invited. What do you think?
    Hope you have a great Holiday season and looking forward to meeting you and networking with everyone!
  4. I might be able to make in January... when I will bring back my mom&grandmom to the airport.
  5. Ok that will be great. I meet Hummingbird last night at Fairfax Square and she said that you all had a great time. Maybe if we have the get together here in my office in Georgeton right on the River, we wont have the pressue of having to leave the store when it is closing which is what we had to do last night. Everyone can bring photos and their Hermes items and we can post the pictures on the blog.
    Everyone just let me know what you think and then we can decide on the date in January. Any time in J anuary is fine with me since I work all the time!
    susan von
  6. I probably will not be able to make January. My company is doing a major software release so I won't be able to "work from home".