All white carly??!!

  1. So.. i have this pic that I saw of an all white leather carly and I was wondering if it really exists? I think I may have seen it on the drilldown but i'm not sure and was wondering if anyone else had seen it or pics of it??!! :wlae:If you could let me know i would really appreciate it b/c if this bag exists I totally want to search for it and buy it! :yahoo::flowers:
  2. I haven't seen this. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I just have never seen it. If you can find a pic and post the link we can see whether it seems like it's authentic or not.
  3. thanks for the responses! Lizabet, I have seen that bag but the one I'm talking about has white trim (instead of brown). I will try and post a pic.. im kinda knew to this so we'll see how it goes! lol :s
  4. Here is the picture ladies.. let me know if it shows up! :yes:
  5. Do you have the style number? It almost looks like white with white canvas but I'm not sure. An all white Carly would be pretty!

    ETA: Ok, I found it! Item #10448, the medium canvas Carly. I believe last spring this and the large came out in canvas with leather trim. There was this all white one, a citron trimmed one and a saddle trimmed version. There were other styles in this canvas w/ leather trim too such as the legacy shoulder bag and slim flap.
  6. thanks soooooooooooooooooo much tlloveshim!! I sorta wish it was all leather but im glad that I know what the bag is and that it wont drive me crazy!! lol
  7. oh it is canvas!!! i kept racking my brain thinking no coach didnt make an all white leather... it sure would be nice though