All-weather leather purse?

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  1. I had a couple D&B all weather leather bags many years ago and while I wouldn't say they're waterproof, I mean I wouldn't soak them or anything but getting caught in the rain didn't cause any damage.
  2. i agree - i have had many d&b bags that were AWL that got splashed with a little rain and you can wipe the spots right out HOWEVER just like tonij2000 said that does not mean you want to be all willy nilly with them in the rain thinking that they are indestructible! and a bag of that color - if that is the one you are thinking about buying - i would not want to subject to any amount of water period.
  3. i'm just trying to find some summer bags that are good for the regular torrential downpour down here. i'd like to have something other than JUST patent for these rainy days. sure, umbrellas keep your hair dry, but definitely not your bags!
  4. i have one Dooney shoulder bag that is a green "all-weather" leather, and it is the bag I go to when the skies are grey! I don't worry about that leather at all. No spots or fading or marks when it rains.