All vernis cles colors ?!

  1. Does anyone know what are all the vernis cles colors that have been made, which ones are discontinued, and which ones are still in production? TIA:smile:
  2. Thank you sooo much:smile:!
  3. Thanks for the ref! That is awesome!
  4. Thanks! I just fell in LVoe with Marshmallow, Baby Pink and Framboise :love:
  5. says they still make Amarante, Perle, Indigo, Noisette, Framboise and Pomme D'Amour!

    Hmm... maybe I'll get a Framboise one after all...
  6. Indigo is definately discontinued but there are few pieces still in stores but not many

    Framboise is recently discontinued so still fairly easy to find

    Noisette is either discontinued or soon to be discontinued so should still be easy to find I don't think it's a popular colour

    Pomme & Pearle (I think) are permanant until further notice and amarante is new so 6 months time frame if it's popular it'll be extended (as pomme was)