ALL Vachetta Leather LV Bags!

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  1. Have you seen the LV bags made of all vachetta leather? Every once and awhile I see one on eBay, and I have a Japanese magazine w/some.

    Here's one on eBay right now (this is not my auction or anything, I just think its cool)

    Wouldn't you be SO afraid to get caught in a rainstorm with this bag?!?

    I wouldn't mind a wallet in the vachetta though, since it would stay inside your bag- and it would match ALL my LV bags!
  2. Interesting looking... but it doesn't do anything for me. It almost looks naked :P
  3. I love LV but this bag makes me have a slight panic attack. I would be to worried about messing it up.
    Not for me.

  4. I looooove the wallet but yes, I would be so fearful of rain or snow. I'd be hiding it under my jacket like a fragile baby. Isn't that awful?!:shame:
  5. Agreed!
  6. the little pouch inside is cute. however the actual purse does look naked and i'd probably dirty it after a times of carrying it out.
  7. it reminds me of those hairless cats.
  8. Totally!!!:lol:
  9. will be so hard to deal with..Iill pass on this one
  10. While the bag is absolutely gorgeous, it'd be so hard to care for.. just kind of unrealistic !
  11. I'm planning to special order a vachetta Keepall 50 this summer. I'm so so excited too! It will have a Raspberry alcantara lining. I can't wait! I'm just fixated with LV's natural cowhide, so I don't mind it being a handful, it's beauty makes up for it! ^_^ I would love to special order a vachetta wallet, but they don't do small leather items in ANY special order material. :sad:
  12. Robbie Nooooooo!!!!! There's a Keepall 50 in all vachetta?!!! I want I want I want!!!

    There's no vachetta wallet? Was it a limited editon/collection? How did the one on ebay come about?
  13. Interesting looking, I've never seen anyone with that before.
  14. I would be too scared to take that bag out. I'm already super anal about my bags with vachetta trimming and handles, I cant imagine how I would act with a bag made entirely of vachetta!

    Rufus the naked molerat anyone? ;P
  15. I think its something that LV collectors may want but i've seen what rain drops and moisture can do to the Vachetta i think the purse will change color at different places different times and i'll be all patchy....Not for me.