All UK's - have you seen what Red Magazine are giving away?

  1. I received my RED Magazine today and have you seen what they are giving away?

    To celebrate their 10th anniversary they are giving away Designer goodies - one of which is a Louis Vuitton Rubis Tote worth £1,350!!!

  2. :huh: ok. Why am I not in UK? ;(
  3. can you post the pics please...
  4. OMG that's an awesome contest ! I hope someone here wins.. :graucho:
  5. Here's a pic -

    They are also giving away:-
    a Burberry Warrior Bag - £1,095
    Yves Saint Laurent Suede Besace Satchel - £1,190
    Gucci INdy Bag - £1,070
    10 (yes 10!) Swarovski Nepal rings in Clear Crystal, Pink Topaz and Black Jet - £184 each
    Tods Green Patent D Bag - E770
    Giorgio Armani Pale Grey Tote - £770
    Jimmy Choo Iona Heels - £450
    Mulberry Navy Poppy Bag - £895 AND
    Prada Cream Stitched Bag - £840

  6. ^ I'm going to do a general thread I think notifying people of this competition (basically a phone in and somebody gets lucky, but all money made from the phone calls go to different charities) because it includes so many different designers.
  7. Wow!! I need to get the mag!
  8. ^ me too
  9. that's some goodies for sure! Hope someone can get it from here!! Best of luck ladies & gents!:flowers:
  10. Gosh, I need to get that magazine, competition and number LOL.
  11. I am so picking this up tomorrow how many times can you enter?:graucho:
  12. good luck everyone!