All three are here and i need all your votes. Exciting pics

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  1. Hi Ladies
    I was home today and anxiously waiting for three giant Bbags to arrive.:sweatdrop: Well, they are here and i need every one's vote again. :yahoo: They all have yummy leather.:drool: Right now i only have the Giant Natural Work so i would like to add another GH to my collection.:yes: Should i go for the Giant Black Work, Giant VG PT, or Giant FB PT?:sweatdrop:
    IMG_2334 (2).JPG IMG_2335 (2).JPG IMG_2336 (2).JPG IMG_2337 (2).JPG IMG_2338 (2).JPG
  2. More Pics.:yahoo:
    IMG_2339 (2).JPG IMG_2341 (2).JPG IMG_2342 (2).JPG
  3. oh wow. the VG w/ GH is stunning... i wish i can carry this colour combo! but i can't! so i say go for VG GH PT if you can! somehow GH works better with certain colours. and to me, the VG looks much more stunning with GH than the others.
  4. My vote goes to French Blue PT. then my 2nd choice is Grass PT. :yahoo:

    They're both so gorgeous!

    Oh yeah, when I was at Balenciaga NY, the girls all love the French Blue over the Grass. And Daphne even said that French Blue with Giant Hardware is one of her favorites and I totally agree!
  5. It's a toss up between vert gazon and french blue. I would decide based on your wardrobe and what colors your other bags are.They are both so pretty!
  6. My vote is HANDS DOWN the Vert Gazon PT!!!!!
  7. exactly. the black is eh. You already have a neutral with your natural - you definitely need color. I say VG!
  8. I'm going to say VG as well. The colour just goes so ridiculously well with the gold.
  9. Vert Gazon! I love the blue too but I think that the green is easier to wear and more versatile.

    The black is amazing but you can always get black.
  10. It's a tie in my book! Vert gazon is yummy :drool: but so is French blue!! I think green works better as a neutral, so you can wear it with more. However, the French blue is so pretty! Hmm, am I not too helpful:wondering ? Sorry. . .here's an idea :idea:! Keep the vert gazon and French blue!! :graucho:
  11. It has to be vert gazon followed closely by french blue!!
  12. It's a toss up between the FB and VG for me. I'm tending more towards the VG, though, 'cuz green has always been my preference over blue. :shrugs: No Black GH because you already have the Cafe Day GH...
  13. ^^ ditto!!! :tender:
  14. Vert Gazon!
  15. I want the green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!