All Those Pockets!

  1. Just for fun.... what do you all do with all those pockets? For instance, my gallery tote has three pockets on the outside of the bag. One on each end of the bag with a turnlock and one slip pocket on the front. It also has inside the bag a zippered pocket on one side and on the other side it has two slip pockets. I mostly keep my cell phone in the outside slip pocket, nothing on the two end pockets, my PDA and my work scan card in the one slip pocket inside, lipstick and gloss in the other little slip pocket (I think that one is actually made for a cell), and in the zippered pocket I have breath spray, more lip gloss, and the keys to my moms house and her lock box at the bank. I like hearing how everyone else organizes their bags :yes:
  2. I have Coach Stuffing in mine!
  3. In my shoulder bag(s), one of the front pockets gets used for my cell so I don't have to unzip the bag to get it, the other is usually hand santizer and/or my house key and the inside pocket of any of my bags is used for pens and bags of crayons for my daughter (when I remember to transfer them in!).
  4. I have yet to use the front flap pockets on my shoulder bag, but my cell goes in the small open pocket inside, my headset usually goes in the other inside pocket, "girly things" (as discussed in the other thread) go in the inside zipper pocket when needed, and receipts and coupons usually go in the back outside zipped pocket.
  5. I love all the pockets on my Metallic Khaki Signature satchel. In one of the side pockets I keep lip gloss. In the other side pocket I keep change. In the front pocket I keep a covered pen and a powerbar. Inside I keep my phone in the phone pocket. I keep Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets in the slip pocket next to it. In the zipper pocket I keep MAC blot powder and other girl stuff. This is the greatest bag for organization for me.
  6. i never use the side pockets on my gallery totes (the ones with the turnlocks)...I like them to lay flat. Same with front slip pockets...I don't want to stretch them out.

    on the inside...the zippered pocked gets my "girly things"...the small slip pocket gets my cell, and the large slip pocket perfectly holds a sephora compact, pack of Oribt gum, and blotting papers...with a pen on the side.
  7. I put chapstick and jewelry.
    Haha. Nothing incredibly exciting there.