All those diamonds at LV 5th Ave

  1. I was hanging around 5th ave the other day,
    all of that diamond jewlery is just amazing on the 2nd level.

    I wonder if there is anywhere one can oogle it on the internet.

    I think it rivals what they have down the street at Tiffany's.
    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Yes, the jewelry is just amazing there! It definitely rivals with Tiffany.
  3. Oh my...LV diamond jewelry is soooooo beautiful. I love the monogram bracelet with diamonds!
  4. I LoVe this from the Men's S/S '07 catalogue:
    Perfo Cles 072 (2).jpg
  5. I agree it gives Tiffanys a run for the money, it is spectacular!
  6. I wish I could seem them IRL!!
    I love the monogram jewelry. Would love to see it decked out with diamonds!
  7. I knew someone that had a LV pendant with diamonds on it. It was beautiful.