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  1. gah you girls are so bad for me! all this talk about ergo totes (thanks alot purse-o-nality!) is making me wanna go back to a carly v. medium ergo tote debate again.....gah...maybe I will go with the ergo- it's way bigger, and cheaper, and ooh the leather :tender: geeze I just don't know.....
    Tonight I open all my graduation presents, so maybe I will be able to finally get one?... supposed to save that money though...(it's for college, it's for text books......text books)
    maybe i'll buy the bag now, and save the money when I get paid?:yes:
  2. I personally like the Carly better, but the ergo is pretty. I'd get the Carly now! lol. Especially b/c you want the khaki/ gold (:drool:), & I heard there are only a few left. You still have a few months to save for college books!
  3. If I had to choose I would say Carly, Perhaps in a little while you may add the ergo.
  4. I am not a Carly lover...although it seems I am in the minority! I LOVE the Ergo totes. They are classic, beautiful, lightweight, and easy to carry. The leather is TDF and I just think they are the perfect bags!
  5. I love Carly and the ergo stuff. You really can't go wrong either way!
  6. lol I know, it's so hard to choose..both is not an option, so it's one or the other, I am really loving my leather bag though, so the ergo tote would hold up better than the sig. carly...Today i'm leaning ergo tote
  7. I have the black signature large Carly, and the large ergo vachetta tote. Both are fantastic bags. I do agree with you though, that the leather seems more sturdy. I did have problems with a couple stitches coming out on my Carly, but I did buy it from IR so that may be why. (IR=Irregular). If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely go ergo for now because it's the perfect relaxed summer bag. Plus, you can always save up and get Carly later. I doubt she's going anywhere anytime soon. ;)
  8. I have a Carly AND an Ergo Tote! For PCE I am thinking about the Vintage Leather Hobo....yum!
  9. Def. the Carly!

    My store was sold out on Friday of the large Carlys in Saddle and Gold, so the SA had to order mine from Jax.

    There were large black sig Carlys and leather Carlys.

    Also, plenty of Ergo bags in all shapes, sizes and colors!
  10. Sorry for making you re-think it, sweetie! :p Congratulations on graduating!!! WAY TO GO! :choochoo::woohoo:
    I have the Medium Khaki/Gold Carly and just got the Turquoise Ergo Tote TODAY! I think BOTH are awesome in their own special ways. If I were you though, I'd go with the Ergo Tote NOW and wait on the Carly...especially with new colors in the Carly coming out soon. This Turquoise color is totally TDF!!!:heart: It is the PERFECT SIZE plus it has the GORGEOUS LEGACY STRIPE LINING! :drool: BTW...I just used the Leather Moisturizer and buffed that scratch right out of the tote!!!!
    Can't wait to hear what you decide!