All this talk of the Cabas Piano vs. the Popincourt Haut...

  1. is driving me crazy!!!:wacko:

    One week, I'll decide that I want the Cabas Piano...Then someone on this forum mentions those little golden balls on the Popincourt Haut and I'm back to wanting that one!:lol:

    Somebody, pleeeeeeeeease...which it the better looking bag? Which is more timeless looking to you?
  2. Popincourt haut, hands down. And the balls are the best ! ;)
  3. I just never went for the PH so I say Cabas!
  4.'ve got to try it on and decide what looks good on you...of course me and Ayla are partial (popincourt twinsies) but others may love the look of the cabas...

    Personally, the cabas is too small...yes the ph is smaller than the cabas, but the cabas doesn't expand enough for my liking, as the ph does...the gold balls are an added plus...i've always wanted a cabas, to tell the truth. but when i went to the boutique and tried on both bags, the cabas did not look "right" on me...the ph did, not to mention i loved the bag, so the purchase was a definitely good one.

    so to sum it all up...try it on!!
  5. I like the poppincourt better. It's got a more modern feel to it.
  6. I also have the PH so am partial. It is very cute and a nice shoulder bag. It has more detailing on it (adjustable straps going down the fronts, zipper pull, leather piping...) so it is a pinch 'busier' looking if you know what I mean. The Piano has nice clean lines with just that nice bit of leather trim on the bottom. I would have considered getting that but in the Mezzo if I hadn't gotten a Luco tote years ago. Both nice bags so I agree.... if you can, you should try them on and see which you like best!
  7. I just bought a Popincourt Haut and can't rave enough about it. Lots of compliments as well. Its the perfect size - not too big or small - just right!
  8. I like both but definitely would go to the store and decide cause some bags just don't look right on me.
  9. I prefer the Popincourt Haut too, it looks more updated.
  10. I agree with Kathyrose, with those two bags I'd have to try them on!
  11. I vote Cabas Piano. It is more streamlined and less fussy. I'm not crazy about how the zipper extends past the length of the bag and hangs over one side, although that does allow the bag to open up more. I also don't care for the adjustable straps and the buckles...too busy.
  12. Agree. And the balls make it more busy on top of what BrownPaperBag has said. I guess it's personal preference. I like simple classy styles, other might prefer more trendy, decorative styles.
  13. definitely the cabas.