All this talk of serial numbers - should my Chloe Tote have one?

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    I've been reading other threads about people trying to locate serial numbers on their Chloes and was wondering if anyone knew about numbers on the Chloe Tote. Mines doesn't have one. I know there is another PF member who got one recently and it doesn't have one either. Mines came from NAP. Should it have one?
  2. I haven't been able to find one in my large silverado tote, either.. Can someone help? I'm not familiar with Chloe at all
  3. As I said on another thread a few minutes ago (sorry to be repetitive! :shame: ), some genuine Chloes don't have serial number tags - but, currently, all fakes seem to.

    So, unless you are suspicious of authenticity for some other reason, I wouldn't worry about it; in fact, I would be glad, as it almost certainly means it's genuine! :biggrin:
  4. Serial tags are located in the inside pocket. You really have turn the pocket inside out to find it - it is well hiidden! It's like a small leather flap with the number.
  5. thanks Roey but my Tote does not have it - I have had the bag inside out!
  6. mine doesn't either but i am sure it's authentic. try not to worry!
  7. Alright, thanks everyone! I need to learn more about Chloe's, I think I spend too much time over in the Chanel forum!
  8. hi, i just received a Chloe gladys from LVR, I love it! anyway, it does not come with serial number, do i have to worry? or gladys doesn't come with any number whatsoever. i will check the stores here.
  9. LVR sells authentic Chloe products so I wouldn't worry. :flowers:
  10. Audrey, thank you so much for giving me a piece of mind.
  11. I have a paddy that has a tag but with no number on it. I know its authentic but called up the Chloe boutique to inquire about it anyways. The SA told me it could happen and that she also personally own a bag with no numbers either.