All this talk of Dentelle I wanted to take some better pictures

  1. Okay I want those who haven't been able to see the dentelle line IRL to get some up close pictures of it plus see the difference of the gold and silver threads as well. I realize some may not like the line but it's beautiful IRL IMO. When my Fersten arrives I will take more and if you have pictures of your Dentelle please put them up here!
    Dentellesilverandgold.JPG Dentellegold.JPG Dentellegold1.JPG Dentellesilver2.JPG Dentellesilver1.JPG
  2. One more silver!
  3. That pochette is so cute! Can you take some modeling pics too!! pretty please.
  4. You've seen them before but here we go I think these pics have helped convince people in the past

  5. Here's mine:

  6. It's so sparkly, thank you for posting pictures!
  7. Opps! I was supposed to post some for Merika too! Hopefully she will see these! LOL I really do LOVE this bag!

    Oh and my youngest saw me taking pictures and wanted to be included (please ignore his messy hair and clothes he has a cold so we are having a lazy day!). He and my oldest and also in the mirror in one of the pictures! LOL
    kirstenmodel1.JPG Sonmodel.JPG kirstenmodel.JPG
  8. Oh yeah ladies those are HOT pictures!
  9. Oh my! I have never wanted at Kirsten until I saw these photos! Gorgeous! :wtf:
  10. I officially hate this thread. It makes me envious! ; )
  11. There's still time to get something! :graucho: LOL
  12. These bags are so gorgeous. The days go by, and still no call from my SA...:crybaby:
  13. Have you spoken with your SA? He or she should be able to tell you what your chances are of getting one! The Kirsten's were apparently the toughest bags to get. I would be proactive and call 866 just to see if I could get one on my own?!
  14. The Kirstens are hot! I finally took my speedy out this week for the first time.....everyone was coming up and staring really closely at the detailing! Everyone loved it...and if they didn't, they kept their mouth shut!
  15. That is a pretty bag -thanks for sharing. I think you're an enabler- no offense intended!;)