all this talk about vintage

  1. well, shopmom's been pointing out beautiful Hermes scarves to me left and right and I can't seem to stop myself but then she goes and posts her gorgeous vintage bags, and, well, I just had to find one for me too. So here she is, she was born sometime in the 50s just like me. she's a 32 retourne brown box kelly with GH.
    vintage kelly 001.jpg vintage kelly 008.jpg vintage kelly 011.jpg
  2. LOREN!! She's so beautiful!!!!!! LIQUID CHOCOLATE!!!!!
  3. ooooooh Loren - that's scrumptious. Congrats!

    Now, let's see......what scarf do you need for this new beauty.......

    How about this one?
  5. YUM -OH- RAMA!!!!!!!! That is unspeakably beautiful! Congratulations, Loren!!
  6. LOREN....... Some modeling pics, PLEASE!!!! I love to see these beautiful vintage beauties in action................
  7. Ohhhh, be still my heart!!!!! LOREN! You have just scored my dream Kelly: chocolate box with gold hardware. :love: Look at the incredible patina on that baby, born in the same decade I was. Congratulations, Loren, on a simply incredible Kelly!!!!! :yahoo: Can you show us some more photos of this lovely beauty???
  8. You know what this forum needs...a way to touch these bags!!! I just want to reach through my screen and stroke her!!!

    Lovely!! COngrats!!!
  9. Oh Loren, your Kelly is truly scrumptious:love: :heart: :heart:!!! Liquid Chocolate is right and with the GH, it couldn't be more perfect. You know you have a fantastic bag, when just looking at it gives me a craving for a truffle. The box is so incredible, I cannot get over its condition. Congratulations on your wonderful new beauty, a true treasure!!
  10. woha, really really stunning indeed. Note to self: maybe more exposure to vintange will quench the thirst for new bags for good? :rolleyes:

  11. Yes, more pictures of this amazing bag!! I am completely smitten.

    And ShopMom, your new picture of MuffinFlat, has not gone unnoticed, ;) !!
  12. haha, shopmom, I am such a follower. I think it was you who posted that exact scarf and I was on the phone in a minute and I now own it. I will post some pics in the action thread when I get home. I am stuck in the hospital until tomorrow night (so boring) so I am so glad to have tPF to keep me company otherwise I would go bananas (no patients having babies, no work) thank you all for your nice compliments. when I saw this on eBay I grabbed it first and then pmd shopmom to find out what I got. (she is so knowledgeable)
  13. How exciting to find a vintage box calf kelly that simply glows! Now, you know you can't have just one Hermes scarf to wear with it, so keep shopping. How's that for enabling?
  14. loren, what an incredible vintage kelly!
  15. Lovely bag:love: