All this talk about Grenat

  1. I was in Nordies today returning a pair of shoes and I saw them :wtf:
    Platform peep toes in the EXACT shade of my grenat paddy :yahoo:

    I've been on a search for the perfect shoes since I got this bag and there are so many red shoes out there, but most of the sexy shoes are this va-va voom, fire engine red and burgundy styles have been disappointingly farty.

    Anyway-they're by MICHAEL Michael Kors and the color is "oxblood"

    Just in time for fall.

    Thought I'd share how prettttttty they look together.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Gorgeous just stunning.:heart:

    How high are those babies?
  3. So Beautiful! :love: I'm jealousss!
  4. i love that color. my fave color for a paddy.
  5. I don't know how high they are...around 4 inches, maybe?
    Really comfy though on account of the platform :yes:
  6. OMG, lucky you. Those are beautiful. They look so good together. I would kill myself in those heels. LOL
  7. stratsey, those heels are H-O-T. I love, love, love platform heels! I would totally rock those out. They would look smashing with a fitted tshirt, pencil jeans and your Grenat paddy. Gorgeous!
  8. Be-utiful! The only thing better than The Perfect Bag is the The Perfect Bag + The Matching Shoes. I wore my choco paddy out with my Chloe platform wedges to dinner tonight: I felt like a million bucks!!
  9. Gorgeous Paddy, gorgeous shoes. I'm sure you would look gorgeous wearing both! Congratulations on a great find!
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