All this talk about black- who makes a good chocolate color?

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  1. I'm having the hardest time finding it (nail lacquer). I saw a pretty one by Sally Hensan and Essie, but any suggestions.....who has a dark rich chocolate color out now?
  2. I love my chocolate brown Shu Uemura polish :yes:
  3. Chanel's Madness is nice~
  4. I'm looking up both of your suggestions.
  5. Is the name of it "deep velvet"?
  6. i also like chanel madness.
  7. Thanks for this post. Chocolate Brown is like my Favorite color. I haven't been able to use nail polish in like 3 years because of two pregnancies, but after this baby I am going to go forth with the brown!

  8. It's actually called "Darkness." (Just got around to looking at the bottle:P) I got it on Ebay, and most of the writing on the bottle is in Japanese... But, just in case, it's a chocolate brown with silvery-gunmetal flecks. Really pretty!
  9. Another vote for Chanel Madness. OPI Espresso Your Style is also nice, and has a bit more shimmer.
  10. I have this one and it is gorgeous. Very dark, almost a "warm black" if that makes sense. But definitely brown in bright light.
  11. These all sound good. I was in a rush to get my toes done so I bought Sally Hansen "Haute Chocolate". These are the results:
    my feet aren't actually this ashy-that's the flash:tdown:!
  12. That's a pretty color. Great pedicure!
  13. Ooh, your pedi is gorgeous! I love that shade of brown!
  14. Thanks girls! I googled a pic of it for yall. It's actually darker and shinier than that pic showed. The flash made it look bright.
    haute chocolate.jpg
  15. What I have been doing is taking a Maybelline one called "Vanishing Venus," which actually looks a little scary in the bottle, a sort of eggplantish color shot through with a touch of blue iridiscence.

    Anyway, I overcome the fear, and bravely mix it together with one made by Aziza called garnet something or other, and the result.... looks a lot like Fendifemale's toes.

    So maybe I should just save time and get me a bottle of the Sally Hansen one she's using... hmmm...