All This Talk About 06 Lilac...

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  1. has rekindled my obsession. I need help! If anyone knows of any stores with a non veiny, less distressed lilac work, can you please let me know where the object of my desire is hiding?
  2. I got the impression that the '06 Lilac is not all that hard to find ... still available in a lot of locations. True or not true?
  3. You're right, Lilac is still available but most of the bags I have seen are very veiny and have the crackle distressing. There are a few around that have smoother leather, that's what I'm looking the older leather (and Cate's city :love: )
  4. Lilac is such a pretty color too, however I understand the cracked, veiny, distressed leather (unfortunately) is pretty much all that is available from this past season.

    Perhaps next S/S 07 they'll bring out a similar color in Lilac as they seem to be doing with a couple of the colors this season F/W 06. I prefer the smoother leather too from years past.

    I've read here that some women have massaged their bags and also used conditioning products such as Lubriderm Lotion or Apple Garde. I've seen some great results in the pictures posted here that (the above techniques) helps to bring back the beauty of a bag and smooth the leather out too.
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