All this talk..30 vs 35? Honesty? What do you think?

  1. so I have both the 35 and 30 Birkin and just love both sizes but I am curious about what my PF sisters think.
    I tried to pose in a similar postion with both sizes. Honest opinions (millstream and others:p ), which size do you prefer on this 5'2", size 2, about 115 lb gal?
    hermes 012_1.jpg hermes 0121 002_1.jpg
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  2. Rockerchic you look fabulous with both!!!!
  3. Cal, you're a doll but I know you must prefer one even if so ever slightly over the other? do tell!;)
  4. While you look great with both, I like the 35 -- but I am a big bag lover.
  5. Lol, OK, I prefer the 35 over the 30. Honestly they BOTH look great on you, but if I *had* to choose one over the other it would be the 35.
  6. rockerchic, i love your haircut!!!!
    this is difficult...i only have had one cup of coffee.
    I will be back, I need to think about it.
  7. I love both on you! I think the 35cm is for more daily and casual use whereas the 30cm can be used to go to dinner and not look like you're bringing a tote bag along. That's why I SO'ed a 30cm chevre black one that could transition easily from day to night.
  8. i like the 35 more for some reason. But you look gorgeous with both.
  9. I think both look amazing on you, but my issue has never been how it looks from the profile you took in the pics above. When you take the shots that way it is fine. My issue is mostly when you carry the bag and it is to your side on a smaller (petite) person. That base is pretty wide and it just doesn't look as nice as when you carry the 30.

    I am your height and this issue always drove me nuts! I think we need a 32/33 size. LOL!

    It would be the side profile that bothers me and the weight issue of the 35. If neither bother you...than the 35 looks prefect!
  10. You look great in both, but I like the 35 better... you're basically the same size as me, and I think the 35 just gives a cooler look for the day, which is what the Birkin is designed for IMHO.
  11. I'll give it a go! lol.

    I personally am a huge fan of the 35cm. I agree with kellybag about the angle. I think the 30 is cuter when it's all closed up and belted and you can see the attributes of it best as a smaller bag easier to tranfer from day to evening. The 35cm is really not an evening bag in the least, just IMO. But dressy evening. A dinner out with the girls, I'll take my 35cm if I have other stuff to do beforehand and need things with me.

    So, like always, it's a matter of preference. It makes it harder, rc, that you're slim enough to look good with both sizes!! lol. Enjoy!:yes: I tell myself each bag has a specific purpose, a reason why i pick it up over something similar I have that has a totally different purpose or function. This = more bags for all!
  12. Wow - gorgeous pictures, Rockerchic!! If I only went by these pictures, I have to say I favor the 35cm - but that's just a slice of time and good points have been made already - so, which do you feel more comfortable carrying? (My guess is that both fit slightly different needs?)
  13. Rockerchic.. you look amazing with both!! but i like 30 more.. and when the bag is open i think it gives it a "bigger" kinda look.. I feel 35 block too much view lol and its just overwhelming!!

    You look great with both sizes, so u cant go wrong with either one!!
  14. It's funny. I always thought a 30cm suits us more (I am ard your height too) but 35cm seems to look better on ya.
  15. RC, I am with KB on this, it's not the side profile but for me, it's the view when I hold the birkin with both of my hands and infront of me. the width of the bag vs the front of my body ? and the view of the side of the bag when I am holding it on my right? the depth of the bag? Tha's the look that do not agree with me.