All this lurex talk...

  1. Drove me to distraction! I had a merchandise credit and was returning a scarf. And with that I knew I must have the pink Lurex top handle pouch! It's so stinking cute! I smile just looking at it :love: It even has a silvery coach tag on it :p
    Here's a pic of my new love! Thanks for looking!

  2. Great Color!!.............:heart:
  3. That bag is so freaking CUTE! Wear it in good health. I think lurex is my fav coach style EVER!!!!:woohoo:
  4. Love it! The lurex pieces have always been one of my favorites!
  5. Wow that is CUTE! I've never seen that mix. Good catch! :tup:
  6. It is really cute! I love pink!!
  7. very cute!! And perfect for the Holidays!
  8. so cute!
    btw, what color is the leather strap?
  9. I would love to get my daughter one of cute!

  10. silver metallic :wlae:
  11. ^^
    that makes more sense, from the picture I was thinking it looked like mahogany.
  12. Congrats! I love this color, it is amazing. I must get something in this color maybe a wrislet.
  13. Yeah, it's silver, too. The flash makes the color a little off. The bag is so sparkly and gorgeous!
  14. LOVE it!
    Sorry. :p

    I just love the color and the sparkliness is just, I want that now!