All this aegean talk.....

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  1. Is making me want this color in lindsey. Do u gals think it will match a lot? I switch into a bag for a season and don't come out! It is so pretty. And also I am thinking of it for a fall bag. Anyone have it already?

  2. hmmmm - when I buy a bag the last thing I worry about is what it matches with bc - example I had on tan and brown yesterday and had my DENIM woven bag and i was CUTEEEE

    so - get it and wear with what u want!!!!!!
  3. I agree! Wear what you want with it. If you love it, get it!
  4. I think it would add a great pop of color to some adorable outfits! Here is what I would pair it with:

    Grey slacks/skirt, white blouse
    Khaki slacks/skirt, navy blouse
    Black slacks/skirt, cream blouse
    White skinny ankle pants, flowy floral top with a hint of green
    Jeans, white cami, Khaki blazer

    The combinations are endless!!
  5. I think it would be an awesome pop of color with anything. Plus, this season seems to be using a lot of bright colors together - so if you are wearing bright with a bright bag, I think it would go. If you are wearing more neutral colors - then your bag would be your "fun" in the outfit. :smile: I don't have any Aegean right now (I sold last season's Kristin) but definitely want to correct that situation!!!:biggrin:
  6. I have it and I love it. Such a great shade!

    My only problem is that now she wants an Aubergine sister ... :amuse:
  7. As I've learned from watching "What Not to Wear" recently - Matching is an antiquated notion. They are almost anti-matching.
  8. Aegean will make a great fall color. I'm considering it for my fall wardrobe as well. I have the plum patent Lindsey (using her today) and I think she needs a sister. It is such a great bag!
  9. This is soooo me!
  10. I agree with that. I like contrast. I don't have a Madison Aegean but I do have one of the Kristin Aegan bags from last year and I wear it with a bright top or anything really. :smile:
  11. You guys make really good points ! I lOve ur ideas!
  12. I'm weird. I couldn't care less if my bag matches anything i'm wearing. I carry whatever bag I want depending on what style I feel like carrying based on my activities for the day/week.
  13. I wear a lot of neutrals (black, white, gray, khaki, navy, denim) and wear color in my bags. That way I don't really have to think about matching.
  14. I don't try to match my bags to my outfits either. I just carry a bag based on my mood, time of year and whether it is a weekend or weekday. Weekdays I carry a big bag, weekends, I downsize to my smaller bags or a cross body bag for shopping, etc.

  15. ooooooooooooooooh now you are making me want to do that "paper doll' thing on Polyvore again!