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  1. Hi tPFers! My first post on this thread and on this part of the forum!

    I love to travel. The DH and I go to Phoenix, AZ once or twice a year. We live in Milwaukee, WI, and travel up north quite a bit to visit my FIL and his wife.

    My dream trip that I will hopefully be taking in about 2 years is to London. I went there in 2005 right after I graduated from high school and fell in LOVE with the city and the people!
  2. Hi Laura!!!! I absolutely love London as well :smile:

    We just got back in from was an absolutely beautiful country, but we feel that 15 days on the ground (plus 2 travel) was a bit too much. Should have cut it down to 10 days or added on Scotland or something. Oh well....we circumvented the entire island (including N. Ireland), so we definitely saw A LOT.

    Now we're off to Alaska in 2 days....for a cruise. And then nothing for awhile. Might fly home in October for a few days and then I think my Mom is coming down for US Thanksgiving. And then we have our big Christmas trip!
  3. Any Dublin tips? I'm hopping over after the Olympics in London. It's my first time to both countries.
  4. National Gallery! Did you go there, Twiggers?
  5. I didn't :sad: I have been to museums in London Rome , etc. and their collection didn't appeal to me ( not enough Impressionism).

    I would highly recommend the National Archaeology museum though. The Bog Man is pretty cool.
  6. Hi! Might I recommend visiting Oxford? It's an AMAZING city, absolutely stunning, and the pub food is absolutely delightful. :smile:
  7. Oxford is a lot of fun!
  8. Just came back from Budapest. What a lovely city. Crazy hot some days though. I need to go back, I'm not finished with that city at all.
  9. That is on my short list of cities to visit! We're just back from Alaska, it was amazingly beautiful. I highly recommend it!!! Heading into the Yukon was also beautiful, you get into tundra and boreal landscapes. We saw whales doing bubble netting, bears, salmon running upstream, eagles, porpoise, and sea lions. It was great!!!

  10. Ok, I'm not getting any alerts on this thread, or any from TPF. Grrr. Please tell me about BUD. We're headed off in two weeks!!! :biggrin:
  11. Ok, just lost my job. I'm extremely happy about it so no sympathies needed. :smile:

    Where would y'all go next, if you were traveling solo? This is my biggest issue. I also want to do things (activities) and not view stuff like churches and such. I'm done with Asia and most of Europe (western). South America is good - but I may drag my hubby down over thanksgiving.
  12. Mediana, Kosovo was very safe in my estimation.
  13. Thank you. How was it? I will no be able to go this year since I to much other stuff on my plate but definitely next year. I'm gonna do a lot of Eastern Europe next year. Do you live in Europe?
  14. Ahh whales bubble netting is on my list of things to see before I die. Must have been amazing.
  15. It was very interesting, I just wish we had been closer but they have the 100 yard rules.