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  1. fendi peekaboo existed in 3 sizes, the large, the regular and the small
    you could order any size of these.
    now, I know that they don´t make the small one, and for orders also, only the regular size
    I knew that when I went to milan to pick mine, after having order the large pekaboo, and after waiting for it 3 months, i received mine, and so I was told that Fendi, did not make small peekaboos anymore, only regulars and larges ones.
    they are beautiful, probably one of the ten most beautiful bags ever created
  2. does anyone knows , please, if i can go in any Fendi store in Italy(that goes to italians in the forum, for best informations) and find a Silvana bag, spring and summer collection 2012, in exotic leather, as ostrich and crocodile, for exmple., or I´ll have to order the one in thant kind?Thanks.
  3. Hi does anyone know what year fendi started making the peekaboos with a shorter shoulder strap versus the longer one? I've seen some on eBay with long messenger like across the shoulder straps but the newer ones are shorter and not adjustable - anyone have any ideas?
  4. it´s "selleria" , not "serellia"
  5. I´ve beaught mine , one year ago, I ordered it in Milan, on june 2010, and I´ve received it 5 months later.It has a short shoulder strap not adjustable, that´s the way I use it, and it came with my bag. I did not care for a long strap and i didn´t even bother asking for one.
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  7. image-2905984778.jpg

    My second peekaboo! 1st one black goat zucca lining second one cuoio (cognac) zucca lining
    Love them both!!!
  8. kitty your Peekaboos are beautifuls.
    I have mine, it´s green, one Peekaboo selleria.
    I love it so much.
  9. I beenwanting it for so long, but the price is way too high
  10. might purchasing one second hand from one of purseforum approved reseller list be an option - then theres eBay. I have found that sometimes you can get an almost brand new sometimes still in plastic and origional box for half price if you are a little patient
  11. I just bought milk cream regular peekaboo. I love it.
  12. It is a regular size and in Zucca prints. I really worry about the color as it too bright and easy to get dirty. I paid for £1800 for my peekaboo.
  13. I love Fendi, but I just worry the quality of the product even is made in Italy...........
  14. image-1964549102.jpg

    My collection the white peekaboo with pink water snake skin interior. Coming soon is the new blue selleria peekaboo.