All things INCOGNITO

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    I'm just going to go ahead and start an Incognito thread.
    I may end up just talking to myself, but that's ok.
    I am going to repost some of the pictures we posted in a previous thread.

    I was told yesterday that these bags are made in the same factory as YSL and Chanel.
    I haven't verified, but that's what we were told by the Nords rep. I will ask someone I know and trust. ;)

    And the video showing how it is made:

    (Hopefully the moderator will delete the thread with the crazy formatting stuck in it)
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    I love the polished black. :smile:
    the lighter blue is called "sky," I think. And I think it is also Resort '15, but I didn't look at the tag.
    C0001495_008_MAIN.jpg sky incognito.jpg
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  3. I believe this is Peony.
  4. Here is the small smooth. "Blue with deep gold." Resort 15. $2600
    (for reference, I am 5 ft, 3.5 in.)
    IMG_2805.JPG FullSize88Render.jpg
  5. more of the "blue with deep gold," Resort '15.
    shown with Resort matching scarf.
    FullSizeReynder.jpg FullSizekkRender.jpg
  6. And the GORGEOUS Green!
    This is the textured small.
    green incognito.jpg
  7. All these lovely pictures! Thanks for starting this thread! My favourite is the small textured green and the peony!
  8. Me too. I wish I needed it. :sad:
    incog and stam%20and%20stam.jpg
  9. love the blue incognito and MJ scarf!! :heart: how heavy is the bag?
  10. These are nice. I really like the black.
  11. on my postal scales, it weighed 2 lbs, 14 oz.

    I do too!
  12. Nas! Sorry to bug you again, but you are the MJ guru. :worthy:

    How do you feel about the "Marc Jacobs Made In Italy" stamp on the front? Do you get the feeling this will fade over time? I received pictures of some fall bags yesterday, because I am not crazy about the gold hardware on the spring bags, and I am dithering between two colors. I don't know, I might take the plunge! Hermes will always have my :heart:, but I just can't keep up with their price increases. Marc Jacobs is still feasible, even after their price increase, and from what it sounds like, the Incognito quality is great.
  13. That's a great question! I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I can say I have a bag with the same stamping. I used it yesterday. It is still the same as it was day 1. I will take a close-up pic and see how old the bag is. :smile:
    Back in a flash
  14. BTW, you don't bug me at all! I love it!
    So this is a Fall 12 bag. Small Jema.
    Absolutely no fading or rubbing off at all. Good as new!
    BUT I don't use it all the time. When I do, though, I'm not careful with it. I do use that pull tab to open it, so that part does get handled. I just use it as I normally would.

    Waiting patiently for the Incognito to arrive. :smile:
    Black polished will be sent with the Spring navy. It will be a tough decision.
    IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2953.JPG
  15. Love this blue! I have the scarf so perhaps I should get the bag.