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  1. I interviewed Trainer's wife Sarah Hobbs last year and she gave some good tips on wolford body suits as well as horses! :smile: Sarah always looks immaculately stylish and starts with Wolford polo neck body suits - in several different colours to co ordinate with other wardrobe items:
  2. I just ordered my 1st pair (tiger):yahoo:

    However, I'm thinking about the ones in your link as my second pair but I'm not sure what the sahara looks like on darker skin. Any suggestions?
  3. Depends on what you mean by "darker." I am a caramel complexion and it is definitely lighter on me, but looks okay via trends. I wouldn't wear sahara as a sheer tight alone, but with a design on it in black, it works. HTH. :smile:
  4. Thanks!!!:flowers:
    I'm medium caramel with yellow undertones and I was worried about them looking too light on me. From the pics you post I'm maybe a shade darker than you.
  5. Oh, you're good then. I bet they will be cute on you. Post pics! Also, Wolford is on Asos and typically coupon codes work on them. Use VIP25 today for 25% off. :biggrin:
  6. Yay!!!!
    Thank you! :flowers:
  7. I ordered the basic black matte 80 as my 2nd pair considering my first pair was a print.
  8. Where can I find these tights?? I thought that Wolford's did sell them at one time.
    Wolfords.JPG Wolfords2.JPG
  9. ^ I have never seen those.... sorry
  10. Bare Necessities-25% off selected styles.
  11. There's also a Wolford sale on the Wolford Website.

    (Not that I need anymore...)
  12. I've seen these before in the black/grey colorway, but I LOVE yours! And your boots are hot too.

    Attention Wolford ladies...the online boutique has a code for $15 off -HAPPY12 (which takes off $15 for each pair you buy and gives you free shipping). I just bought 2 pairs of nude hose for the price I'd pay for one regularly. :biggrin: