All things from the Fabulous World of Brian Atwood~Shoes, Bags and B-Line~ 2011

  1. Well I didn't send them back yet... I think they want to stay :smile:
    I might still send them back still and order another Maniac pair in a nice basic color. Love LOVE that shoe!

    P.S. I like the CL quote in your signature :smile:
  2. I decided the return them, I just don't love the color... so in case anyone here is interested: they should be popping up on the NAP site in size 39,5 soon!
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373907428.165035.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373907442.832191.jpg

    Grey, purple & silver. Harrison slingbacks. Major compliments. The chain detail is so cool
  4. Shoe twins!! Although I have the pump version of the Harrison. Love the outfit!!
  5. Love the detailing on the heel, they look plain office shoes from the front, but then a little bit of personality shows through!
  6. Thank you!!

    Zara Ivory tweed blazer
    Black pencil dress
    BA Lidia strappy leopard print sandals
  7. Legal,

    Love the outfit you look fab, especially the jacket very classic chanel like, do those BA's have a platform or just a high heel difficult to see from the picture.
  8. Thanks Kaya! The Lidia have a platform and a regular stiletto heel. I love them. All the straps make them fairly easy to walk in all day. ;)
  9. Hello ladies!!!!!

    I love to see this thread has grown into something so fabulous!

    Quick question.. The Bambola on the B line.. Any reviews, thoughts or modeling pics?
  10. B line is avail on Gilt today!
  11. Oh could it be... after so many years of seeking for the UHG of Brian Atwood, of tweeting to Brian Atwood and on bended knee, begging for a re-release.. I thought it would never be but... I have found the uber elusive Smoke Nude Maniac 140mm... :hbeat::faint::supacool:

    I will let you know once they arrive... patience is a tricky one, but this time... it worked.

  12. Congrats!!!!:love::love::hbeat::cloud9::loveeyes::
    Where r they available? I'd like to get a pr. Thx!
  13. It's lovely to see you Bella!! Congrats on scoring an UHG and wear them in good health!
  14. Here are my B by Brian Atwoods I recently featured on my blog! :love: