All things from the Fabulous World of Brian Atwood~Shoes, Bags and B-Line~ 2011

  1. They are cute, they are a few 60% off @ Nordstrom....
  2. I think you might... :graucho: There are several pairs at Saks in a lovely apple green color, on sale. I don't recall the size, but I can give you my SAs name and he can check.
  3. I have to have all of my BAs professionally stretched before I can wear them...including the patent pairs. For me it isn't the length, but the width of the toe box. One trip to the cobbler (and a little blister block to lube up my toes) and they fit like a dream.
  4. I think I may have to end up doing that as well! I attempted stretching all day yesterday but with not much luck haha... Ill bring them in to where I work today, and see what they can do for me :smile:
  5. Has anyone seen any Maniac's in 37.5 for sale anywhere? TIA!
  6. Saks have some bright color Maniac in that size for sale at $312, I got a pair in orange ;) better hurry though, they are running out quick :graucho:
  7. I saw a pair of 37.5 Maniacs in electric blue suede at Saks in San Antonio
  8. ^DAMN! I have been stalking the 39 in the pink snakeskin, they were not part of the original sale. Now they are gone!
  9. OMG did you guys catch the Gilt sale? I just scored the rose gold Maniacs & the coral patent Rene ... it was like buy one, get one free!
  10. I got mine the other day although I only wore them once and they killed my feet I need to break them in
    IMG_0828.jpg IMG_0829.jpg IMG_0835.jpg
  11. ^ Are those peep toe or pumps?! Amazing ... the bedazzled outsole is making me insane.
  12. there pumps closed toe
  13. Finally scored a blue suede maniac at discount. Missed that one on Saks but still save $$ :p

    Now thinking whether should get the neon pink one maniac as well or CL pigalle plato in hot pink.. thoughts?
    BA blue maniac 1 tpf.jpg BA blue maniac 2 tpf.jpg
  14. I was going to say right now FYI Saks website has a huge sale for a lot of designer's shoes that are up to 60% off and Brian Atwood is on there :smile: