All things Fendi StrapYou.........

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  1. STUNNING combinations! Is the square studded strap heavy?
  2. stunning!! what brand is the first bag?
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  3. Really cool!

  4. Hi there! I got a huge favor. If you don’t mind giving me the dimensions of these straps please. I just got a new Fendi Kan U and looking for strap, but the dimensions are not being shown at their website. =(
  5. 2ADDB6C6-0995-49D3-8FA6-71A730000974.jpeg 4F9DAABC-050C-462E-8D29-8B9F61617A10.jpeg Hi everyone. First time posting on the fendi subforum! I’ve been considering buying a fendi strap for 2 years now and I can’t seem to pull the trigger. I want to use it with my black Hermes evelyne GM. The 2 straps that I’m considering are the classic one with studs or the black one with flowers (pictures inserted). Can anyone comment on the comfort of these straps? Are they too rigid? Do the studs poke or feel uncomfortable? Do you get bored of them easily? My heart tells me the colorful studs one but my brain says the black. Thank you in advance for your input and advice
  6. I love my Fendi StrapYou, but I only use it on the Peekaboo as that is my only bag that matches it. It is wide so it is quite comfortable. I don't regret buying it at all even though I don't use it that often. It is on the rigid side, but I'm sure it'll soften with more use.

    If you get the colourful one, then you can add colour to your Evelyne, which I recommend. My Peekaboo is black, but my StrapYou has red and yellow in it so it adds colour to my bag.
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