All things Fendi StrapYou.........

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  1. I did see and like that too but for some reason I’m more drawn to the colorful one. I’m always dressed in solid/neutral colors so I’m craving something colorful in my life lol just not sure what it is quite yet.
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  2. A StrapYou is a great way to add colour to your outfit. I have a few sold-separately straps (one is a men's StrapYou) to add colour to my mostly black bag collection.
  3. I consider to get one from these 3 available options. Which one is nice? Which one is more versatile and easily matched with any color? My bags majority are dark color. Is Python leather durable? Is the strap with charm heavy? Also the yellow color, will it get dirty overtime and need to protect it with treatment? IMG_3961.jpg IMG_3962.jpg IMG_3963.jpg
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  4. I personally like the purple/pink python strap the best, but I think you have to accept that the scales will lift over time. They are all beautiful, though. Good luck!
  5. You posted some great options! Hard to choose as they are very different. The ornaments on the last strap make it a bit heavier but not much more so.

    I think that the last one will serve you well for many years. The first one is nice but it's a bit plain. The Karlito is adorable but can look a bit dated in a few years.
  6. Thanks for speedy response. Yes I also prefer the first and 3rd more. I think the karlito might look bored few years later.
  7. Is it real snake skin leather?
  8. My strap you collection for my Dioramas
    87DA09B1-7F4E-4D1C-BF5B-BA4B8C000B25.jpeg D769EC8B-A2F0-4E4E-A307-9FC282A224E1.jpeg
  9. Do you gals think the strap in multicolor more fun or all black is easier to match? 4c1bf2e4-e97d-4582-b5ef-4f288690ade4.jpg 989ee3d6-e543-4bae-ad9e-f4fccb1c97de.jpg
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  10. Multi! I think straps should be fun.
  11. I got it from the Fendi Boutique! I'm not sure if they have that particular one anymore but they have new ones all the time :smile:
  12. I use my woven FF strap on non Fendi bags as well. Because it's woven, it's SUPER COMFY!

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