All things Fendi StrapYou.........

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  1. Should I be concerned if there is no “Fendi Roma” stamp on a silver Flowerland Strap you, but there is a “Made in Italy” imprint on the underside of the Strap you?? I have seen some pictures with the “Made in Italy” showing, but majority has “Fendi Roma” I didn’t know if the mettalic versions tended to have the imprint. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Size comparison for the large and small FF strap in leather
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  3. Does anyone have photos of the strap you mini (shorter one) on other bags than Fendi such as Chanel old medium boy or Pochette Metis? I love the thought of adding a handle type strap to other bags but not sure how the length would work on other handbags. Thanks!
  4. I just got the Strap You in the brown zucca print to use with the mon tresor bag, but it doesn't stay on my shoulder! Does anyone else have this problem?

    Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 7.42.47 PM.png
  5. Are you able to wear this bag in the crook of your arm? Been looking into getting a btw thanks!!
  6. IMG_1530.JPG
    Sorry, the photo's a little fuzzy... I bought this mini alpaca Strap You during the summer sales to give the Python handle on my pink selleria Peekaboo a break, but I found that I also like it on my ribbons and pearls Peekaboo...
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  7. Bought the D strap at the summer sale. 20180627_202640.jpg 20180627_202453.jpg

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  8. I am late to read this but here are pics on other brand's bags...

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  9. Probably a late reply but yes I agree that it doesn’t stay on the shoulder. It’s not long enough for a crossbody look and too slippery for a shoulder bag. Also the leather isn’t as soft hence it’s a very rigid looking strap in comparison with a LV strap - and it’s not adjustable .... so I like the look but I had to pass because I won’t be able to use it
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  10. Don’t think I’ve added pics of my last couple straps, sequin multicolored FF and velvet FF. (I had my SA get me the men’s version of the short strap b/c I wanted silver HW...) IMG_1990.jpg IMG_1982.jpg IMG_1927.jpg
  11. It was too cute and perfect for my Jypsiere. Could not leave it at the store.

    E55688A6-7AA6-431C-87F1-2C01181C847E.jpeg 1B2A6729-F161-4475-AD96-C0A7C1829CEF.jpeg 67853C12-911C-49AE-8EE9-3F5FD779477E.jpeg 05A78429-D524-4353-95AB-0FD244D78457.jpeg
  12. I think that if you can pair this perfectly with one of your bags, then it is worth getting. Although Bag Bugs and StrapYous had a spike in popularity before, they will remain as ways to accessorize your bag, and can't really get outdated. Women (and some men) have been using bag charms and different straps with bags before these came out, and will continue to do so long after they are discontinued.
  13. Ok so that’s my next question - I have these two black bags : ysl sac de jour in the baby size and also this ysl :
    Will they go with this strap you think? Thanks!!
  14. This will match. I think the one that @TraceySH has will match your two black YSLs as well: