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    Clearly i have a lot of time but i don’t feel like wasting my money on fakes!!!! Will be returning it to the seller. Thank you!! the rounded edges are not in any of the ones you sent over or listed for sale anywhere. IMG_9180.jpg IMG_9178.jpg
  2. Great comparison pics! The one you are returning definitely has different details, and I don't think it's because they are made in separate factories.
  3. That's a very good catch. I think you're right. I checked my other straps and none of them have the slight domed head. The lettering does also seem off-center as well. How disappointing!
  4. Yes but I’m glad i spent the time to truly analyze it instead of wasting my hard earned money!! Honestly it’s a very good fake and I’m sure many will buy and not even realize. It even smells like the real one with leather etc.
    thanks for everyone’s help
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  5. Just bought this! What do you guys think? Since fashion week I've been obsessed with the FF print and I loved the gold hardware since it matches most of my bags. Been eyeing a cute strap to go with my vintage gucci for a while now, this seems to go well and I got a good price on it. Very excited for it to arrive but I'm not sure how it will look like in real life!
    f1.jpg f2.jpg
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  6. I love that one! Post pics when you get it!
  7. Have you received your strap? What do you think of it? I considered getting that very strap but fear it won't be long enough to my liking to act as a crossbody strap. I like my crossbody bags to hit below my hip.

    Your thoughts....
  8. For those interested in the FF logo print leather strap here are some pics! I absolutely love it though as a curvier girl I could not wear this crossbody. I love it on my By the Way bag though if I was to wear the strap I would remove my twilly cause it will be too much FF all over :smile:


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  9. Thank you sooooo much for this! I JUST, JUST, JUST left Fendi and tried on 4 straps. I got overwhelmed and couldn't decide. I'm still sitting in my car OUTSIDE of the store! Lol! I think Imma go for it. Long Brown FF strap here I come (or maybe the mini brown FF strap, or maybe the long red FF strap, or maybe the black Alpaca strap, or maybe:confused1:...)

    BTW... your closet is to DIE for!! Gimme everything!
  10. Awww glad I could help!! It's so buttery and smooth you'll love it so much! I think I'm going to pick up the mini brown FF strap too for my new Fendi Mon Tresor I just ordered. I was worried it might be too trendy but honestly I can see it looking amazing 10+ years from now as well.
  11. My brown FF Logo Mon Tresor arrived just YESTERDAY!!!! That's why I was in the Fendi store today... looking to pair it with a strap. You're going to LOVE the Mon Tresor. It is sooooo cute!
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  12. Hi, I’m new here not sure if it’s right place to post just want to share the info that Fendi outlet have all their strap you on sale with additional 50% off so it’s about 70% the retails price. I’ve seen the bi-color ones for $150 from $500, flowers ones in blue, red, silver,...for about $300 from $1000. They do charge sent as well. Not sure how long the sale would be but I was there last Sat and got the bi-color one in pink/yellow and also got the Mom fur charm @ great discount too.
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  13. Oh wow! I wish they had a Fendi outlet in Canada. The deal on the StrapYou sounds amazing!
  14. 20180409_100103.jpg IMG_20180409_110410.jpg 20180409_102556.jpg
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  15. **I just realized my words didn't appoear with the pictures**
    N.E. wayyyyyy..... got the long FF Logo strap to go with my new Mon Tresor. I decided to EXTEND my strap by connecting the short original strap with the new long version. I'm 5'2" and still found the long strap a little to short to wear it crossbody for my liking. The buckle connection is in the back so it's not in your face. I love it! The 2nd picture is worn with only the long strap. The 3rd picture is with the two straps connected in the back.