All Things Equal Would you Choose 07 Vermillion or 07 Tomato City?

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  1. Assuming all other things were equal ( leather, hardware, etc.) ... If you could choose between these 2 colors which would you choose?:shrugs: Why? Are they different enough to buy both? :confused1:
  2. Tomato, no question!!! I absolutely :love: Tomato - one of the best Bal reds ever, IMHO!!
  3. Vermillion for me !!!
  4. I really love them both. The tomato is very eye catching. The vermillion is more of a true classic red. I look better in blue reds which may be one reason why I love tomato. I like the more classic reds, but they have too many undertones for me to wear well.

    I would say, if you would have to pay a premium to get the tomato then I would go with the vermillion which is readily available. If I had not lucked out and found a tomato city, I would be getting the vermillion.
  5. Tomato, it is a GORGEOUS Red!!!
  6. Tomato
  7. I like tomato the best, but they are both beautiful! I would only buy one of these two and i guess it would depend on leather and price along with availability... but all things equal i would choose tomato!
  8. Tomato, it has less orange undertones than the Vermillon I believe. It's also a very bright red, and the leather on the Tomatoes generally has been pretty good!
  9. definitely tomato. i think they're too similar to own both..
  10. Tomato -- Vermillon was a little too bright for me. They're both great shades of red, but Tomato's closer to a true red.
  11. tomato!
  12. I say Tomato!! Vermillon is a litle bright for me too.
  13. i look better in warmish colours and i believe that a red with more yellow/orange tones will age better. i recently was told by a reseller's assistant that some reds would wear out and not look as good after some time. tomato is just as smashing but i'd go with the verm.
  14. Tomato!
  15. Tomato! I've never really liked orange-y reds :nogood: