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  1. I should definitely get a bag bug to dress mine up! ;) I like the yellow pouch, nice and summery. Mine is electric blue and it’s not really suitable for most of my clothes but hey, love my Dotcom anyway! :smile:
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  2. IMG_2239.JPG IMG_2239.JPG Quick question. I now have to decide which to keep...almost impossible. Which would you keep?

    Blue flower or black laced?

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  3. Personally I like the black whip stitched the best but best of luck choosing
  4. Definitely the black whip stitch
  5. Thanks
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  6. I am steering that way. Many thanks
  7. Oh no. Confused now
  8. Sorry ;)
    It depends what clothes you normally wear. I think whipstich is pretty but casual and not unique like the bag with flowers more elegant yet still ‘relaxed’ enough to fit most outfits. The flowers make it more girly imo whereas whipstich looks more unisex. Whichever you choose it’ll be all right because they’re both nice to look at :smile:
  9. Yes I get that. I can't help being drawn to black but the blue is pretty neutral too
  10. Really like the black laced.
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  11. Thanks
  12. Another vote for the black whip stitch!
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  13. Begtobag86 - I adore this version of the DotCom - it's gorgeous! :smile:
  14. DB99F2CF-C496-4070-9429-0193E4D022BB.png 53DB7368-9EAB-47D6-B8E2-A26617A9AB87.png Hi,
    Does someone have the Dot Com with the snakeskin strap?
    I have some issues with mine. It looks like the strap has some protection coat on it which is kind of chipping. Is this normal and do you know if I can anything do to about it?
    Since I bought it Second Hand the customer service won‘t do anything about it. So maybe one of you knows some help :smile: