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  1. It’s a bit sad that Fendi makes everything similar to their successful Peekaboo, just because it sales. Dotcom was an example of something different, I’d even say more youthful/contemporary. It didn’t crazy sale because majority of Fendi buyers are a different crowd.
    I really like Fendi but they should start thinking about a new “it” bag design...(IMO dotcom had that potential) :smile:
    diYchante do you happen to know how much it costs at Bicester Village?
  2. The SA told me it will be about 30% off retail price, so probably about £1,100 (30% off £1,600).
    I got mine for £700 but the sale has ended a few days ago. It has arrived yesterday and I love it so much!
  3. My new Dot Com Click
    I wanted to wear it yesterday but it was raining probably will take this baby out today! 20180203_100635.jpg IMG_20180203_101303_237.jpg
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  4. Wow pretty! Enjoy her!!
  5. Thanks for your reply. She’s gorgeous, enjoy!
  6. 11651A98-0120-4539-98DE-AF34CF1021EE.jpeg
    My Dotcom!
  7. My pretty rare Dotcom Click medium. I think it’s a beautiful bag and I wear it very often. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t like it and if I should have bought more popular bag like Gucci Marmont or Givenchy Antigona instead. Now it’s even discontinued:/

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  8. Why is discontinuing the bag a bad thing? It seems to me that if you own the bag it would feel more “limited edition” once it’s discontinued.
  9. Should have posted this last week. I love how versatile it is. The strap feels comfy on my shoulder. Although I 'm a bit struggling to wear it crossbody with a thick coat like this. I can imagine wearing it with lighter jacket with no problem. The leather is so smooth too! CYMERA_20180210_172236.jpg CYMERA_20180210_172355.jpg
  10. Fab bag! I so want to get one! :smile:
  11. It's a really nice bag indeed, go and get one before they gone
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  12. IMG_0580.JPG Here's my dotcom. I originally got the black laced but swapped for this one. I have too much black and I love flowerland. I did try the new runaway but it's bulky and wide open at the top. Still confused about the choice to discontinue dotcom.
  13. So pretty and interesting:smile:
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  14. Thank you. I do keep looking at it
  15. Hello everyone. It’s such a shame that the Dotcom is getting discontinued. For me it’s a perfect bag. It’s sad we ain’t going to see new variation. I’m in love with it. I don’t really like the new runaway bag. I think it’s more of a 2jour style. And I prefers the 2jour. Well let’s just hope new style are ahead. IMG_1699.jpg
    This is my dot com. Hope you like it