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  1. Hello
    Congrats on your purchase I’d say stick to your dotcom if you love it if not return.Its all about whether you’re going to wear or just ‘invest’ and if it’s going to serve you well.
    I’ve also just purchased a black Fendi dotcom on their website (sale)
    The bag is exquisite and I love how she’s practical, light and not in your face but expensive! I’m not bothered by it (possibly) being discontinued because I love the design and don’t give a toss about what is ‘in fashion’ or what will ‘resale’, however I’d like to hear about wear and tear, hopefully from someone who bought it in 2016?
    Im also considering buying a dotcom click in another colour, any opinions on that one?
    Many thanks
  2. @B4gl4dy
    Congrats! I just bought one in black and am hoping it will work out for me.
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  3. Don’t know if you still need an answer but I can say, after buying twice from Fendi website, that the transactions went smooth. I also called Fendi customer care and they are nice&helpful. I didn’t have to return anything but the process looks pretty straightforward so I wouldn’t anticipate any problems.
    Only 1 bad thing to say, it takes them ages to respond to emails :biggrin:
  4. My apologies if this has been discussed already, but I was checking the new bags on Fendi's site and noticed there aren't any Dotcoms at all. No regulars and no clicks.

    I'm disappointed since I was interested in this bag and now it's gone already?
  5. Maybe this line is discontinued? There are still a lot of websites that i've seen where dotcoms are for sale.
  6. That's really disappointing if it is discontinued. I really liked the simplicity of the design and the endless variations. Well, maybe I can get one on deep discount if they really are discontinued. All the ones in Farfetch are still regular price though.
  7. Check out they have several dotcoms on sale
  8. Thanks. I've read some bad reviews about italist. Have you bought from there before, and were you satisfied?

    Most of the reviews I read were from customers who wanted to return an item. They were charged a lot of fees for it. Something along those lines. So the takeaway I got was, make sure you're not going to return if you buy from there.
  9. Is there a particular style you are looking for? If you are in the US, has a few of the whipstitch and quilted ones, including a couple on sale. also has a couple of the quilted ones on sale (for US market, not sure about other parts of the world). doesn't have anything right now, but individual whipstitch ones have been going in and out of stock for the past couple weeks (returns, I presume) at a decent discount (also for US market - not sure about other regions).
  10. I’ve recently checked Fendi (UK) and it appears that they still have dotcoms on sale, however I don’t know if they’re indeed purchasable or only displayed on photos.
    A month ago I enquired about dotcoms via customer care at and they didn’t know if dotcoms were being discontinued. It might be so since there are none in Fendi’s new collection 2018 :/ I am a big fan of this bag and was hoping to be able to see its evolution through time...
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  11. Thanks! I'll check these out. I liked the green floral one, have it on my wish list on Farfetch, but it's still regular price at $3000. The whipstitch ones are so cool too. Maybe I ought to find a whipstitch one. Hmm....
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  12. How about the blue flower one? It came back to this morning (still available!) - 50% off.
  13. I think it's gone already, I didn't see it! (I checked the link as soon as I saw your post). Thank you though!

    I think I'm now leaning towards a whipstitch one anyway....since I already have a floral BTW. Something different. Whipstitch looks so amazing and more grown up than the floral haha.
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  14. Hello. I asked in the selfridges boutique today and they confirmed it is not going to be continued.such a shame. Lovely bag. I'm so happy I got one recently
  15. Dotcom is officially discontinued, at least that's what the Selfridges SA told me I'm sad because I really love the design! They said it doesn't sell really well! They have had loads of them on sale in December (I can still see many websites have them on this is your last chance). The rest they sent to Fendi outlet in Bicester Village. I just purchased the Dotcom Click in Black on sale on Stefaniamode yay! I'm still waiting for it though. But I already have my eyes on regular Dotcom, the larger one, on sale on Tessabit. Sigh..I am still sad they replacing Dotcom with Runaway which I dislike as it doesn't have any closure.
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