All things Cassis here!

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  1. Since I haven't seen a thread yet, and Cassis most definitely deserves it, thought I would start one.

    So here's my WE. She has gorgeous leather. Soft, chewy wrinkles with a bit of shine. :cloud9:
    Erica from HGBags did an amazing job picking her out.

    Wore her out for this first time today, and she got quite the workout lugging purchases from Bed Bath & Beyond.. haha
    Cassis WE 2.JPG Cassis WE 3.JPG gorgeous leather.JPG
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  2. Adding mine - cassis city in mRGGH! Cassis is such a gorgeous colour!
    image-344247509.jpg image-3610231732.jpg
  3. Here's mine!
  4. Look at all that gorgeous Cassis leather!
  5. My Cassis mRGGH Cuff :heart:

  6. oooh.. gorgeous additions to the thread.

    Magjes- thank you. the leather on the bag is truly awesome.
  7. I'm surprised there aren't more pics of Cassis, it's a gorgeous color! When I figure out how to post a pic, I'll add my town with rh ;)
  8. Cassis GSH stud bracelet:


  9. So does cassis vary from bag to bag?
    Would you say it's more red, burgundy or pink?
    Would you think it's a good neutral?
    I just got the cassis city with covered hw
    Keep it or go for black? Or another color?
    Decisions, decisions...
  10. Cassis mRGGH Velo!!
    The colour is difficult to capture though




    here with sister Coq and Cyclamen

  11. RG G12 Day