all things burberry

  1. hi everyone. i'm new to this and love all things burberry. i think i remember several posts that said there are some burberry outlet stores that have tons of rain boots. i was wondering if someone could repeat those for me. i live in ft. worth tx and availability is limited.

    thx/ christy :hrmm:
  2. You'll probably get more responses in the Burberry subforum, or you could try doing a search for past topics. I wish there was a Burberry outlet in the metroplex too. Last time I went to the Burberry outlet at Round Rock, it was a lot of fun. Totally worth the drive to Austin :smile:
  3. how do i get to the subforum? i want to buy either online or from an outlet store. thx for replying.

  4. I will look for them, if you wish. I am in Orlando. Although your best bet is to buy them on line from the store. They are on sale for 99.00 and the outlets really won't compete with the boutique or the .com store. Don't you think?
  5. thx all. i just pre-ordered from Nordstrom. now i need to find the shimmer nova slipper and travel bag, sz M. does anyone know where i can buy?