ALL things BEAUTIFUL come to t & WAIT!*reveal w/ lotsa pics ( ", )

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012
    ooops!!! i guess i was tooo excited... that i pressed the Send button on my phone...
    the title of my thread:
    ALL things BEAUTIFUL come to those who DREAM, BELIEVE, and WAIT...
    and I am sooooo happy.... ( ", )

    hi everyone!!! it has been a long time that i made a reveal... i was busy with FAMILY, WORK and SHOPPING (pce, fos, ebay, outlet)...i must say i did pretty good with deals I got with my goodies these past few weeks....truly awesome!!!!

    Today is a BEAUTIFUL DAY... the sun is shining and the weather is SUPER NICE (been cold, damp and gloomy these past few days... ugh!) and what better way to celebrate is to share with all you my so called "all things beautiful"

    It is truly worth it... to dream.. to believe... and to CFC09 always tell us "everything goes to the outlet!"

    THANKS to CFC09 (my sistah) who helped me get most of these beauties!!! Good thing, I LISTENED to her... ( ", ) she is truly the Coach Outlet Queen!!!!!

    THANKS to Aagh, ISTYLE, Coachgirl555 and Kath00, too...

    Sooooo.... anyone around for a MEGA REVEAL?
  2. I am here!
  3. Love your reveals....bring it!
  4. Me, me me!
  5. Oh here we go!! I'm glad I'm here... LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED
  6. I want to see!
  7. I'm here!:popcorn:
  8. Yes C4C09 is the best. I would love to see. Let her rip!!!!
  9. Ok.... I will start from the cute ones.....

    thanks to the tpfer who posted info on this item... i just love it that i had to get two.... one in silver and one in gold.....

    Clipa handbag hanger


    i am so amazed on how this little thingy works wonders!!!
  10. Love your reveals - I know this will be good!

    Clipa twins LOL!
  11. They are the best ever invention for handbag hangers!!! Twins on both!
  12. next....

    everyone knows here in tpf how i love, love, love SHOES.... i am glad that i was able to score this at *bay at an awesome price... this is still at full price

    Coach Dora flats in PEWTER


    very comfortable.... i have it in the platinum, too!!!!
  13. Cute shoes!
  14. Next.... i love Coach scarves....

    i saw this a full price before but do not wantto pay full price... so I waited.... and here they are


  15. Next....

    i have been wanting to own a Coach classic bag. something vintage,.. something that is simple and small...i guess during days when i only want to bring a few things when i go out... i have been a "big bag"girl... so i tried doing my search at *bay and i was amazed on how many Coach vintage bags they have...i was tooo scared to buy one because i was afraid that i will get a fake one... i am so happy that i got lucky with my 2 coach vintage bags... they are in excellent condition!!!

    Coach Willis 9927 in Cream


    Coach Willis 9927 in Mahogany