All things Alexander McQueen Chat and Share thread....

  1. Red scarf with gold sequins
    GAP black wrap dress
    CL Bruges
    McQ padlock tiger print bag
  2. Very excited I will be taking my McQueen suitcase for a spin tomorrow for the first time :biggrin:
  3. Hi ladies & gents!

    I don't know where to post this but was excited to see my Saks Atl store is carrying AQ!!

    These are on sale @ 40% off retail. Contact Jonathan at Or 770-331-9600.
    image-1643437303.jpg image-608271516.jpg image-3588782456.jpg image-1469474172.jpg image-716152519.jpg image-607622810.jpg image-3802131267.jpg image-1675759416.jpg image-3733223122.jpg image-649592720.jpg
  4. Picked up a little something at the outlet today will share later :biggrin:
  5. Have your visors turned up yet Plat? 'Cause if they haven't I would be having words with your SA!

    Also been earning quite a lot of money over the past few weeks, hoping to treat myself to something like the painted flower circle scarf :biggrin: (not that i really need another scarf but you know :lol: )
  6. Here it is my new cuff. :biggrin:
    image-792641520.jpg image-1328293816.jpg image-2786339251.jpg
  7. Congratulations, its beautiful and can be worn with many an outfit.
  8. does anyone have the email for someone at the NYC or LA boutiques?
  9. I don't, but have found that the Las Vegas boutique is ever so helpful.
    AND, try Bal Harbour in FL as well.
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    SS 13 runway update: My SA Informed me a couple weeks ago that the beekeeper hats will indeed go into commercial production with a price tag of $2,000! She does not know how the commercial version will look, though. With that being said, I have accidentally stumbled upon the beekeeper hat preorder on Luisa via roma along with a lot of other goodies. I think it looks just slightly different (not as wide as the runway version), but maybe I am wrong? What do you all think? Let me know your thoughts, as I am considering this as my new McQueen addition for SS13! :graucho:|Season=actual&Gender=women&Age=A&SubLine=&DesignerId=146&CategoryId=&ItemSeasonId=&ItemCollectionId=&ItemId=0&ColorId=&FromSearch=false&PriceRange=&Discount=&SizeTypeId=&SizeId=&Available=false&NewArrivals=false&ListaId=&ViewExcluded=false&IsMobile=false&MenuDataCallback=menuResponse

    About my visors: Thank you all for the concern with the visors. :hugs: I try not to be too concerned as I know that these boutiques NEVER have a specific date as to when they will get something. She also informed me that my visors should arrive at the boutique within two weeks. Week one has already passed and no news. with that being said, with news of the hat, and it's price point, if I do not receive the visors, I will just put the credit towards the hat! Win, win for me, I guess, right? :cool: By the way, Jamamcg, I LOVE the cuff and I really wanted it when it was released. Congrats on that beautiful thing, dear.
  11. WOW they do have some goodies. the hat looks great(dont like how it sits on the model tho, and the fact she is smoking in the images for the leather net belt) and i like how there are some pieces that hark back to Lee's designs, but there is still quite a lot that looks like other designers especially Victoria Beckham and Mugler may be even a bit of Lanvin. ifyou dont get the visor you should definitely get the hat.
    I think you could rock the plexi collar as well!!!!

    Thanks about the cuff i didnt even know they made a cuff. I saw the collar online and when i went into the outlet they had the collar and the cuff.
  12. LOL, I didn't even notice the cigarette until you mentioned it! I think I was too awe struck with the belt, lol. That is in bad taste to me. I really don't like the way it is sitting on her head, either. I guess I could always send back if I don't like, right? :biggrin: It's funny you mention the plexi collar because I am actually really drawn to it! :p I just noticed the fingerless laser-cut patent leather honeycomb gloves that the model is wearing. I really kinda like them, too! I do see Mugler and some of the other designers, but I feel like SB is so reserved that most, if not all of her pieces will look like something else that is either out there or already been done.

    Yes, I remember the collar, but I only saw it on the look book, never for sale on the website, but then again, I feel like each boutiques has something totally different, so it was probably around all along. The cuff, I think I saw on NAP. I am happy that you got it and I am more than sure it will look fierce on you! ;)
  13. SS13 looks quite nice! Quite contrary to what I thought from the show. Nothing i can really afford on that site but those fingerless gloves look awesome. Really nice dresses, may have to treat myself after working so hard over this Christmas period.
  14. Woot, just ordered 2 half price classic skull scarves from the Harvey Nichols sale!!!
  15. Damn saw the green demanta tote on the Harvey Nics website but its sold out :sad: