All things Alexander McQueen Chat and Share thread....

  1. That is such a shame! They look amazing and I think you're right to make a fuss. They cost you $400 odd right? Then yep, thats a lot of money (or to me anyways!) to spend on a visor so they should be perfect.
  2. That's shocking so long to wait and then a imperfect product I would definitely send them back but it's a shame you can't wear them on Friday. It's strange I was having visions of mine arriving broken. And I havnt checked mine if there is a air bubble I will have to take a look :sad:
  3. Love your pieces, I bought BF a Fair Isle moto jkt/cardigan a few years ago, it's such a cool and subtle 'twisted' design.

    Fabulous :tup: Yup, black bra and it will be fine, anyone who notices will be looking a bit toooo close :biggrin:

    Exchange, do it while you can, you won't enjoy looking at that bubble.

    Please don't think you are alone, and it doesnt matter whether its on-line or in an actual store. Last year after trying on a displayed pair of OTK boots I was given 2 left feet by the SA at Topshop, I didnt check in the store and only discovered once I got home and that's just one example. At one point it seemed every thing I bought turned into a consumer nightmare (even Hermes gave me a new scarf with lipgloss on it).
  4. Oooh I have the same fair isle cardigan I bought it from Saks off5th. JEEZE you havnt had the best time either with purchases. I seem to have a negative time with Gucci items after the first or second wear something happens (but it seem to be my own fault really)for example I got a jumper for my birthday and the second time I wore it I got a greasy mark on it and then caught the shoulder seam on a rough bit of wool panelling and then got purple dye on the elbows. But that is shocking about the lipgloss on the Hermes scarf
  5. Love that Fair Isle cardi/moto, it's oversized on me but it doesn't stop me borrowing it.

    I must take some pics of my McQeen stuff for you guys, it's pretty old now (mid-00s) but things havent changed much except Lee died :sad: and everything is even more expensive (like 4-6 times the price). I don't know I'd I could afford anything off the catwalk now. I felt guilty about buying my zip-section cashmere and fur coat about 10 years ago - there is NO WAY I could afford something like that piece now, goodness knows what they would price it as.

    Sorry for your Gucci jumper. It sounds like it ha da mind of its own and was rebelling against being worn.

    Gucci and AMcQ share the same manufacturing factories and that is why when Gucci Group took over McQueen suddenly everything fitted me whereas before it was a struggle to get into his slim-hipped pant and skirts.

    I took the (Zabavushka) scarf back to H and the SA was very apologetic for not inspecting it first. There were no possible replacements so I had to settle on a free dry clean - not ideal but I just couldn't live without it, stain or no stain :biggrin:
  6. Thank you, Papertiger, Jamamcg and Lauren_T! Everyone that commented I do appreciate the concern. I have no choice but to send it out Monday, as my DH was supposed to send it out Friday, but worked too late, then Saturday, he worked even later than Friday! I just want this resolved as soon as possible. I hope your visors are perfect, the way they ought to be, Jamamcg. I honestly didn't really have any real plans to wear it until September, but I still want to have everything in order way beforehand. I am happy to hear that I am not making a big deal over nothing. I am just really tired of things like this happening to me. I just ordered a pair of shoes at retail and it didn't even come in it's original box! Luckily, a sweet SA from a brick and mortar store sent me one, but still. I shouldn't have to deal with this paying such amounts of money, you know? It really turns me off to buying designer items because it ruins my experience.
  7. Glad you returned it. I have a pair of Mcqueen sunnies which i bought from the flagship store at Los Angeles. I found out later that the version i had has some serious quality issues probably due to previous usage...and down the road i found out that it wasn't even consider good quality sunglasses...even some Raybans and japanese made glasses were superior craftsmanship wise but at less the price... :nono:

    In this case, I'm paying for the design and name..and the bloody grey paper bag

    Never compromise on fashion brand quality. Some of their stuff's are seriously dropping down the drain quality wise. I'm not happy that Mcqueen's shoes only ship with one dust bag till today.
  8. Thats the best bit :lol:
    the bags are even lower in quality than before. My first ever McQueen purchase i got it in a Grey paper bag, but the handles were made from copper and now its a bit of rope.
    I only have one pair of McQueen sunglasses, but i have never worn them i only got them is because they were £20 from the sample sale.

  9. Copper handles? Wow!
  10. :::UPDATE::::
    My SA gave me a slew of options, but I opted to just do a store credit until a new shipment of visors arrive, at which point she would just ship out a perfect one after close inspection. I am hoping that the new shipment isn't as late as she stated (Late Oct./Early Nov.). I'd rather have it perfect, and miss a couple of months of wear, then to have it flawed and wear them out as perfect. I'm a stickler for perfect, ESPECIALLY when it comes to designer! That's the whole point, right? Limited, Luxurious, Incredible craftsmanship and Creativity? Thank you all for your input. It's a treasure from fellow McQueeniacs! :supacool:
  11. Best bit about the Olympics
    Kate and Naomi in McQueen
  12. Hie everyone!
    I'm new to this forum and I'm in desperate need for some advice/opinions. I recently bought a pair of Alexander McQueen Skull Leather Ballet Flats from Saks in a 6 and they fit just nice with a little snug on my left foot as it's slight bigger than my right. I was afraid it would be too tight in summer so I ordered the 6.5 as a comparison. The 6.5 ended up to be a little too big and the 6 somehow feels a teeny bit small on the left as my feet tends to swell up a bit after a long walk. :wondering:wondering
    I was wondering if anyone who has own McQueens know if the leather will soften over time??
    Really appreciate all your help. Thank youu!
  13. Absolutely LOVED THIS BIT. They looked amazing but i think Kate's dress looked better in the editorial because you could see that lovely silk lining, she's still working it like a boss though!
  14. When i first saw Kates Dress i thought it was the one that Karen Elson modeled in the S/S 2004 show, but then i read the article HAHA
    But i agree i like Kates better as its more classic McQueen whereas Naomi's on is very Sarah Burton for McQueen
  15. Those are both gorgeous!!! Congrats!