All things Alexander McQueen Chat and Share thread....

  1. Ooh a McQueen thread! How lovely! I actually looked at most of this thread and I am in serious McQueen envy haha.
    I've got my fair share of McQueen pieces at home that were given to me by a friend, apart from my two scarves that I bought.
    My friend also has an entire wardrobe of McQueen so when I did my fashion photography project at college she was a massive help haha!
  2. Oooh I would love to the that McQueen wardrobe
  3. Stunning top :tup:
  4. Meant to say I would love to see that McQueen wardrobe :biggrin:
  5. It is quite something.
    The stuff she lent me for my shoot was absolutely incredible, literally a whole holiday suitcase full of clothes and a dress that Lee made for her. Now THAT was responsibility and a half, keeping that safe for an entire day!!
    I'm rather good friends with the fashion tutors at college now though haha! Hoping to do another shoot when I'm at uni.
  6. OMG!! Is there a link to the photos from your shoot so we can see the McQueen and your work??
  7. I'll put my photos up when I've finished my review for work!
    Beware though, this was my first real attempt at fashion photography and the model that I had was sick on the day of the shoot so I had to use someone I didn't know and was in the class below me! We only had about four hours to do about a day and a half shoot so it was rushed but next time I imagine I shall be slightly more organised and actually have a decent model plus more pieces to shoot as the stuff I had wasn't even half of what she has!
  8. Hey gang.....

    Posting the same question here as I just did in the scarf thread cuz you may see this first.

    My gf received a scarf from Zappos (totally legit, of course) the God Save McQ in Patchwork and the edges are sewn, not hand rolled. Is this common now? We both thought it was a bit peculiar not having rolled edges......

    Please chime in.......
  9. I'll have a looksee when I get home, however, the last scarf I bought was the blue (says purple but it's blue) God Save McQueen scarf in the Jan sale. Haven't got anything newer than that I'm afraid...
  10. I had a looksee, and

    Blue (purple) "God Save McQueen" silk - stitched edges

    only other silks I have are;

    "Alexander the Great" - stitched edge
    "Hummingbird" silk - rolled edge (but you can see the original stitching through the roll)
  11. Honey.....
    Thanks for looking. Well, it appears that my assumption that all scarves were hand rolled is wrong. Thanks for checking and I'll let me girlfriend know - and now I KNOW as well. Be well my dear......
  12. I am considering it because it's such an amazing thing to have from the Fall collection and it isn't a ridiculous price like I thought it would be.