All things Alexander McQueen Chat and Share thread....

  1. You are right about being able to find "steals" in remote areas. AND my goodness about the Goyard trunk. You were remiss at not telling us IF it went home with you????
  2. So many lovely AM pictures, thanks for sharing ladies!
  3. I am in CA's a no-go. Shame! :sad:
  4. Unless you have a friend outside of CA who could receive them for you :graucho:
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to share my new babies! I'm so happy with them. Shell knuckle duster and spine lace demanta.




  6. Lovely!!!
  7. Lovely goodies! I wanted the lace DeManta but I was too late. However, a different DeManta is on its way to me, yay! I don't know what it looks like though as i didn't see it in on the website. Lol.
  8. Gorgeous,congrats
  9. :ty:ShoobieDoobie, lilmountaingirl, susu1978!!!

    lilmountaingirl - did you get your demanta yet?
  10. No not yet! The wait feels like forever! It's supposed to be here Friday, maybe Saturday if i miss Friday's delivery. I hope i'm not sad that it isn't the lace one. Lol!
  11. I know I have been missing from this thread for a while, but I just wanted to say Congrats to all the new McQueen purchases that I see on here! They are truly beautiful and I look forward to many more new purchases and McQueen members!! Keep em' coming!! :yahoo: As for me, I bought this McQueen vest that I had been DYING to get, but small is an understatement for this particular vest! It won't even fit on my dress form, so I already knew I was in trouble! I hate when certain things are cut extremely smaller then others with the same sizing! Anyways, Congrats on all the new things that I have seen! It's truly beautiful! :hbeat:
  12. Can one help id this bag please?