All things Alexander McQueen Chat and Share thread....

  1. Hello McQueen Fans!

    I know we have a Alexander McQueen Scarf thread and another for the fabulous bags so what about a general ALL THINGS MCQUEEN to chat about deals, steals, clothing...

    Somewhere to go that is none specific to scarves, rings, bags, etc?

    For AMQ Scarf specific:

    For AMQ Clutch specific:

    For general chatting, sales associates, deals, new styles... let the fun begin!:yahoo:
  2. I'm here Bella :woohoo::woohoo::yahoo: Thank you ! :hugs:
  3. I remember someone having a TDF McQueen dress a while back. LOVED that! Does anyone have McQueen shoes?
  4. Hello ladies!!!
    I have not yet explored the world of Alexander McQueen shoes although I have seen them pop up in Non-CL purchases, Non-Chanel, etc. Hopefully we can get them here to see!
    I have been dying to try a cape.. My Koi lace top will be here tomorrow!!
  5. Yay! Love this idea!!!
    I really wanted the lace shoes that were on sale this season but didn't grab them on time. Here is a pair I have from a few seasons ago:
    I also had the skull flats, but had to get rid of them because I couldn't stand the pointed toe!!
  6. why hello hello!

    I've found myself here, gleefully. haha!

    I looove the color of those shoes, @bfali!
  7. Bella, thank you so much for starting this thread! :smile:

    bfali, I love those! Gorgeous colour. I had a pair of his flats which were an eBay purchase, but I passed them on to my sister as they were far too long in the foot for me.

    I don't have photos, but I have three pairs of McQueen shoes.

    I have the lace stiletto shoes from last season, a pair of metallic red patent stiletto pumps (here's a picture:, and a pair of black square toed/ballet inspired stilettos with a curved heel (they look like this, but mine are black leather, not the nude iridescent:

    I love them all, but the fits are wildly different. I'm a somewhat wide 37.5 usually, that's my size in most high street brands. The flesh lace pumps I got in a size 37. They're a tiny bit long, so I use a half insole. A half size down might have made them too tight on the foot in terms of width. The metallic red pumps are a size 37.5. They are so big that they're almost unwearable :sad: But I still manage, usually with a full insole and lots of cotton wool in the toe! Bad for my feet, I know. But I only wear them occasionally. The square toe pumps are a 38. They are about half a size big, a full insole makes them OK.

    Regardless of sizing issues, I do love McQueen shoes! I'm always drawn to their design. They're beautifully constructed, too.

    I also have a few dresses, I'll save those for another post and try to get some pictures together.
  8. i have the lace pumps...unfortunately they ran really big and were final sale. wouldn't expect to find my actual size to exchange anyways.

    i also have the disco heart pumps, studded faithful clutch with glove, and the leopard print skull silk scarf.

    all were purchased on sale during the 2nd cut (except the scarf, which i'm glad i didn't since they put it back to full price after...weird).
  9. Great pieces ladies! Please share photos!

    bfali, love the color of your pumps...

    Anyone have a photo of the lace pump you all are referring to?
  10. Great Thread! Will be adding somethings soon!
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    McQueen shoes do run large compared to other designers! I'm a 40 in Louboutin (41 in old sizing) and a 40-41 in all other designers, but THEN in McQueen, I'm a 39!!
  12. Another McQueen lover here. I have a navy blazer, a black tuxedo jacket, grey wool coat, various t-shirts, two pairs of flats (red patent with two silver skulls from SS08 & skull print flats - I actually like the pointed toe!), 5 scarves (3 silk, 2 pashmina) and jewelry (skull ring + necklace). I also have a few items from the diffusion label McQ. I will try to get photos when I have time.

    I haven't bought anything since his death, because nothing really caught my eye, but I still love what Sarah Burton has done. The only thing I've noticed since '09 that has made me a bit wary though, is that they seem to be skimping a bit on quality for classic items, i.e. the pashmina scarves are now 90% modal (they used to be a silk/cashmere/wool blend) but selling for the same price or the skulls on the jewelry have less rhinestones, yet again they're selling for more than before. Shoes and clothing still seem ok though and I highly recommend the tailored items which are beautifully crafted.
  13. from my blog, unfortunately the jacket is in california but here is a photo I took of it- it's a navy tailored jacket with fur details

  14. :ghi5: