All Things 2JOURS - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Fendi, love them all, Peek-a-boo, Chameleon and my latest 2Jours!

    Here is the pic

  2. OH.MY.GOSH. it is INCREDIBLE!!!! :loveeyes:
  3. I wish I could do this, but I can't afford a second bag -- if I'm going to swap the green for the blue, I need to exchange. I can't spend $5k for two bags just so that I can return the one I don't want
  4. You must have one of the textured leather Luggage bags -- personally, I love the softer leather of the earlier bags (I have an envelope luggage and the leather is incredible!). Celine's changed the leather and they use a "stiffer" leather (called "Drummed leather") that doesn't loose it's shape. The earlier textured (or grainy luggage bags), are known to melt and loose their shape with age & use. The smooth leather luggage bags and newer drummed leather bags, retain their shape and shouldn't get as "floppy" as those original grainy luggage bags
  5. this looks fantastic -- I really like the shape of the larger bag and am seriously thinking of adding one to my collection later on!
  6. You look awesome!
  7. I'm sooooooo tempted to get the 2jours!! It looks fab. Right now nm is having a double gift card promo and get $600 back (in a gift card) with both handbag and apparel purchase. But they don't have the BLUE... That's my favorite color in this line. The color pops... out of all the other colors...IMHO...

  8. Thank you :smile::smile:

  9. I am also deciding to get another 2Jours, smaller size in fully black calfhair, my SA just sent me the pic, and it looks absolutely fantastics!
  10. I couldn't pass up the recent Neiman Marcus deal online & ordered the 2 Jours in honey! So excited. Yes mine has become quite floppy. It's strange it looks like a tote and a hobo had a baby! Haha.
  11. Bluefly had the large 2Jours tote in red in stock for an incredible price today ($1166). Looks like they also had the black in medium (although it is described as large)? Hope someone here snagged one!
  12. Hello everyone.....does anyone know the price of 2jours in Europe?? Interested to know it's price in france and Italy....thx for answering in advance....I think it is a classic fend bag that is worth to own no??
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    So what do you think - green or blue?

    (I actually decided - just wondering if I chose the right one! LOL)

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  15. Both colors look fab on you! I went to look at the 2jours today but both blue and green was sold out so i couldn't compare the two colors. If I remember correctly, the contrast for the blue being more evident than the green, which was more muted. Both are beautiful but I personally prefer the blue. Good luck on your decision. You can't go wrong either way. :smile: