All Things 2JOURS - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

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  1. Hmmm good question. I would say actual initials. Just in case one day you'd rather have those. :smile:
  2. I am thinking of either the black or red 2jours.:smile:

  3. I would go with actual initials :smile:
  4. Wasn't sure if anyone was in the market for one - but the 2Jours Large tote in Black is on Belle and Clive for $1805.00. I just bought a Chameleon - otherwise, I'd get it myself...
  5. So disappointed!
    After waiting two weeks, my SA called yesterday to tell me that Blue 2Jours finally came in, so after 9 stressful hours of work, I headed over there, paid $26 for parking, only to discover that THEY TRANSFERRED THE WRONG BAG!

    They sent the larger one instead of the smaller one!

    Sure, the color is gorgeous, but I wanted to try on both bags - blue and green - and decide which one I preferred. I couldn't make that decision with the wrong size bag (the larger one has a completely different look/shape when carried).

    Altho I'm tempted to just keep the green one at this point, I did kinda like the color of the blue one! I'm so frustrated!
  6. I'm so sorry you weren't able to see the medium! How disappointing. It could be a sign that points to green. Just a thought.
  7. Nice bag!
  8. I've been lusting after the honey colored medium 2jours for weeks. I finally broke down and ordered it sight unseen online from Neiman Marcus since there is no Fendi boutique near me nor any dept stores that carry it. The bag arrived on Friday and, sadly, it was not love at first sight. I guess for that price I expected to be overtaken by luxurious leather smells and textures. I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it had to do with the fact that NM packed the bag very flimsy - just the bag, in it's dust bag in a cardboard shipping box with a few sheets of tissue paper over it. For that price, I really should wait for the whole boutique experience. The honey color is gorgeous though - exactly the shade I was looking for. I'm torn!
  9. Maybe you should let it sit with you for a few days before you make any decisions. That works for me when I'm on the fence.
  10. I've been contemplating purchasing this bag as well. I am preparing to phase out my Celine Mini Luggage and use an old Gucci vintage crossbody for shopping and this bag for work. I'm 24, work in fashion on the west coast. So with that, I'm torn on which color to get. Although, black goes with most I'm not sure which is most suitable for me. Any suggestions on the color between blue, red and honey? Thanks!
  11. All beautiful. I think I would give a slight edge to the red or blue. Are you willing to share why you're planning to phase out your Celine Mini Luggage? Just interested because most people adore them. I have one as well. :smile:
  12. Thanks for the advice! Well my husband lost his job in May and has since taken a job 1/2 way across the country so I'm just trying to only have 1 bag at a time rather than letting my pile grow in my closet.;)

    I do love the Celine however, I have one of the first ones and it has lost it shape somewhat and I like something that I can sit on the table or wherever without it flopping over.
    Looking forward to getting the 2Jours!
  13. Nordstrom has the blue on their website. You should just order it and then you can compare the two colors side by side at home and take your time deciding. Its an expensive bag, so make sure you get the one you want and don't feel like you're having to settle.
  14. Great idea. Agreed. :smile:
  15. It's so interesting that you say this. I have one of the first generations as well. And while I will always adore it, I carried it today and realized that it has lost some of its shape. I bought it in Paris when I was on my honeymoon and it was love at first sight. I'll never part with it. But I doubt it'll be in heavy rotation.

    Excited for your 2jours! It is a much more structured bag, for sure. :smile: