All Things 2JOURS - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

  1. I order two 2Jours medium in Olive color during the 30% Saks sale, I had them both shipped to my parent's address to avoid CA tax, I have just received both bags, I am letting one go, PM me if you are interested.
  2. Has anyone seen the denim version in person? Nordstrom has it on their website - the small version but it looks more grey than blue to me.
  3. Hi! Can someone please help me identify this fendi bag?

  4. I love this!
  5. Finally got tag back today!
    012 -112.jpg
  6. I had to share with someone. I saw these three on Saturday at the outlet and just love them especially the blue.
  7. Hello! I don't know where I've been for the past few years, but I've just recently stumbled upon this bag and now I'm obsessed! I've never owned a Fendi, but from what I've read, the quality seems great. For those of you who have owned the bag for a while, how is it holding up? I'm looking for an everyday bag and am concerned about the bag maintaining is shape. Also, is it fairly scratch resistant? I'm pretty careful with my bags, but I've had some that scruff easily - even with my babying!

    Thanks for your help!
  8. nice

  9. Mine is brand new, never carried but the front and back panels are saffiano leather which is very is the bottom so I doubt it will lose shape. Saffiano is also scratch resistant. .It is a very classy bag. go for it.
  10. whats a good price to pay for a small and medium 2jours?

    small is retailing for about 1.7k and medium around 2.2k. Is Paris/Milan cheaper?
  11. Well I was posting about wanting a 2Jours soooo badly a few days ago and just got mine in today. Unfortunately for my 5' self, it's just too big. I ordered from Belle and Clive last week and didn't look at the size - assuming it was the medium size, and it's not - it's a larger size. Absolutely gorgeous just not quite what I was hoping for - it's more tote size. It's the coveted DOVE color which is GORGEOUS!!! It's like a mix of taupe and grey. DOVE TAUPE TEXTURED LEATHER '2JOURS' SHOPPER is what it's called. It measures approximately 15'' at widest x 13½'' tall at center x 6'' deep which is about an inch and a half - 2 inches larger each way than the medium that I feel is so popular. Did this happen to anyone else? It was final sale and I'm still hoping to get a new everyday bag/something smaller :sad: If anyone is interested, PM me! I'd much rather know it's going to a stellar home. The key tag is still attached on the inside and all I did was unwrap it to try it on. Brand new & obviously guaranteed authentic.
    IMG_5272.jpg IMG_5273.jpg
  12. Congrats! I'm 5.5 and actually the large size was not for me either. I've always thought that the small and medium sizes are more beautiful IMO. If you don't like it try to exchange it. Good luck
  13. Thanks Lena!! I absolutely LOVE the bag...and the color - unfortunately it was final sale on B&C. :-/ I think I'm going to sell it and go for the medium. Do you have the medium?? How does it fit??