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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Getting closer.....
  2. I always go with my first impression...and usually I end up happy. Good luck with yours!
  3. I just bought this bag in honey. I tried on the blue and it is beautiful but, to me it looked a little more dressy compared to the other colors and I wanted something more versatile. I haven't seen the green in person but, it looks really pretty in your pics.
  4. This bag ROCKS!!!!! :rochard:
  5. Congratulations! My SA said he can't keep the honey in stock. He let me see one that was on reserve. Stunning!
  6. Thanks. Im really loving this bag! I think I may just have to get the black one, too.....maybe in a couple of months.
  7. How awesome! Congratulations!!!
  8. What a great testimonial to this handbag...wanting to buy it in another color.

  9. I've actually been thinking about getting the larger version a little later into the season (after I sell a bag or two!) -- maybe in the color I decide not to get!! :graucho:
    (i.e., if I swap the green for blue, I'll get the big one in the green (if it's available), or vice versa!!)
  10. You are a great testimonial for this bag too!

    Are you chomping at the bit waiting for your blue one to arrive to make a comparison? It would be so hard for me to NOT to wear the green one while waiting.
  11. I saw a pic of the green on on and almost fell out of my seat. I think it's really special.
  12. It is!
  13. you guys are making me feel guilty for considering the blue instead of green!!:P
  14. You should not feel is what inspires you! and only you! They are both gorgeous! Go for the one that really speaks to you.
  15. Darling, we'll be so excited regardless of the decision, but that green is simply incredible.