All Things 2JOURS - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

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  1. Yes, that is the photo. Makes one drool, right? LOL

    It is fabulous in person. I never saw your green in person, but the photos you shared are beautiful.

    I think you should go and see them both side by side, then you will know for sure that the green one is for you. If not, buy the blue and be totally in love!!!
  2. you know how much it weighs?
  3. Yea, the more pics of the blue I see, the less confident I am in the green -- I just hope she can get another blue one by the weekend. I was so disappointed that the blue sold so quickly!

    I don't know the weight, I'll see if I can't try weighing it a little bit later on. It's not a real heavy bag by any means. It's definitely lighter than a lot of other bags I own
  4. I don't blame you...if you are not confident and are having doubts, then the green may not be your love (even though it is gorgeous). I hope that the SA can find you a blue one than you will know for sure.

    Thanks for weighing the bag later...appreciate it! For me, I am between the black and red. Love, love the blue, but not sure if my wardrobe can support the blue. (I have another gorgeous blue bag in my collection, and I wear it once in a blue moon).
  5. iluvmybags - as usual i love your bag choices! i just purchased the black smaller sized 2jours today. i am so in love. my local fendi didn't have the green or the blue, but my SA showed me pics. to me, the blue appears to be more of a royal blue vs a navy blue. if you're yearning for a brighter blue than navy, then it could be right up your alley. i've found that while i like royal blue, i'm more drawn to navy bags so i'd probably forego this blue one. i can admit that i absolutely LOVE your green. it looks stunning in the pics you took.

    are you going to get your tag monogrammed? i'm traveling to nyc for work tomorrow and so excited to carry my new baby. i want to have the tag for her debut but i'm going to take it back to fendi this weekend to get it monogrammed. my SA said it'll take ~2 weeks.

    can't wait to hear what you decide!

    p.s. my SA said the bags started shipping to boutiques 4 weeks ago. that could be why the forum has been quiet. but to echo another TPFer's comment, the fendi thread tends to be pretty chill.
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  6. Congrats BagLover21 on your Black 2jours medium!! That is one of the bags I am considering! Keep us posted on how functional and wonderful she was in NYC for work. And...I can't wait to hear how many compliments you get tomorrow!!
  7. Will do!!! I can't stop looking at her and touching her. I've been waiting for the "special black bag." I've considered everything from another Celine bag to a Givenchy Antigona. I knew at first SIGHT that the 2jours was the one! So in love. :smile:
  8. I also want to add that to me, the 2jours is an exceptionally made bag. It's refreshing that even with all the care and craftsmanship that went into making it, it's at a much easier to swallow price point than some of its contemporaries (Celine Luggage/Phantom, as an example).
  9. Thanks so much BagLover21! It is wonderful that you are so enamored with your 2jours! Great testimonial to a potential purchase!!
  10. You are so right!!!
  11. We are off to start a 2jours REVOLUTION!!
  12. For sure! :yahoo:

  13. Thank you so much!:flowers:
    How exciting that you just got one too!
    Surprised that Fendi NY didn't have the blue one -- I wonder if they may have sold it already. When I talked to the boutique in Beverly Hills, he said they had every color but the green. He was actually surprised to hear that Neimans had it already because he said they weren't scheduled to get it til later on this month

    I am going to have the tag monogrammed, once I decide on the color (after I see the blue one). At first, when I asked my SA about it, she didn't know anything about it. But when I went in to buy the bag, she said she had talked to their manager and she told them that they would be monogramming the tags. She just didn't have all the info yet. When I thought that Neimans wasn't doing it, I called Fendi to see if they could do it for me, but they said no, only if buy the bag at one of their stores (I know Saks & Bloomie are monogramming too) I'm glad Neimans has decided to start monogramming the tags, cuz I think that's part of the charm of this bag!

    I have a feeling we may start seeing more of these bags around tPF!! Maybe the 2Jours is just what's needed to get the Fendi forum rockin!!:rochard:
  14. I totally agree with you BL!!
    Did you try the Large one on? I really, really liked it -- so much that I'm tempted to get another one a little bit later on in the larger size!! I *almost* liked it better than Celine's Mini Luggage!! -- not quite, but close!!;)
    I really liked its graduated shape. They only had the calf-hair one in the larger size, but the leather used for the handles was just amazing!!

  15. yeh!!!