All these weight loss threads are killin me..Pregnant women, how much have you GAINED

  1. So, seeing everyone's weight loss tickers are making me a little sad since mine are going the opposite way.

    I am actually doing well with this pregnancy. So far at about 26 weeks along I've gained only 11 pounds. With my 1st only 16 months ago I gained a whopping 38. I breast fed and most of it came off easily. I was beginning my weight loss regimen when I found out that another one was on the way. LOL

    So, all you mommies to be out there, be proud and tell us, how far along are you and how much have you gained so far?
  2. I wish I could say I have gained weight. With my past 2 pregnancie's I gained about 30lbs. That's what the Dr's told me to gain. With this pregnancy I have been under so much stress, and I delt w/bad morning sickness for the first 4 months now I am hoping I can catch up. The Dr.s just want me to maintain my weight and try not to lose anymore. it's starting to scare me because I'm trying to gain.
  3. ^^^I was worried too because at the beg. of this pregnancy I was losing, not gaining weight. Dr. assured me it was okay since I had enough to spare on my body. LOL.

    Soon you'll be feeling better and be able to eat. I dinally go tmy appetite back at the 4.5 month mark.

    BTW, I LOVE your avatar!!!!! Sooo cute! How old is she?
  4. Thanks, she is 20 months now! Growing way to fast for me! How old is yours? I feel like maybe I'm having them too close, but I didn't exactly plan it out that way either!!
  5. I'm an idiot I see 16 months now! You are going to have your hands full too!
  6. Yes, hands full, getting more and more nervous every day. They're going to be about 19 months apart and my little one is very, very active. :smile: I didn't want them too close either but I am getting old so had to do it. I know the first year will be hard but later on they'll have one another to play with and keep an eye on one another and I know that that will be better.
  7. 24 weeks, and I'm going to say I've gained a little more than you.. about 12-14 lbs!
  8. I'm 24 weeks too! I lost 13 pounds during my first trimester due to very bad morning sickness and at my last checkup, I am up 6 pounds from there. So I've got some way to go before I'm "normal" weight again, and then I've got to gain more before I deliver!
  9. Last week when I was at the Dr.'s office I gained 31 pounds at 33 weeks.
  10. I'm too scared to get on the scales & find out :sad:
    At the beginning I lost a load of weight through relaly bad morning sickness but now I just put on a pound by looking at food.
  11. This is a cute thread!!!

    I don't have anything to add, but don't feel bad everyone... my mom put on 92 lbs with my last brother!!! It all came off, but she said it was just awful. The only way she would not be sick with him was if she was constantly putting food in her mouth. Whoops!
  12. If your 38 lbs is whopping, your chin is gonna hit the floor when you hear mine :sad:
  13. ...I gained around 60 lbs... :sad:
  14. 6 lbs at 13 weeks. I am trying not to stress about it at all.:p
  15. My mom gained 80 pounds with me...but that was 22 years ago. I was going for some bloodtests a few years ago and some woman was complaining about gaining 15 pounds, while another was complaining about gaining 20, so my mom turned around and told them how much she gained with me and they were shocked, lol.