All these sales going on and I find that I want nothing...

  1. It seems like designers are coming out with the same bags year after year. Same variations of Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, nothing that is truly unique. It seemed like when I discovered tPF I wanted everything and now I want nothing. And even if something kind of catches my eye, the prices turn me off. I used to not mind to drop big bucks for bags/shoes but now I am just not willing anymore. Anyone else feels this way?
    And no offense to Dior fans but what's up with Dior?? The brand haven't had a good bag design in years.
  2. I'm totally turned off with everything. I've gone back to my poor roots and started finding bags I haven't thought about in years. It's fun to find something less expensive and be delighted with it. It's really fun to buy three inexpensive bags for the price of one, too. HA!
  3. I know what you mean! Being on this site has helped me refine my taste, as well as lower my tolerance for "so-so" bags/designs. I still am spending $ on bags (that will probably never change, haha) but I'm being a LOT pickier.

    If I am shopping for something new to fall in love with and don't find anything, I just go back to my closet, revisit what I do have and bring something out that hasn't been given much attention. It's like being reunited with a past flame :heart:
  4. Wow, I am on the exact opposite of the spectrum. Every time I think "okay, now I have enough bags for a while", a new one catches my eye that I HAVE to have. I'd love a few weeks of boredom. Certainly my credit card could use the rest!
  5. I generally prefer classics which, unfortunately for me, just don't go on sale. I find that most sales generally don't appeal to me either. I feel you because with some of the good prices out there, I really wish they did!
  6. i'm so intrigued! do tell Indiaink, what have you been re-discovering in your closet and other on-the-cheap delights?